Why does it cost 12 thousand pesos to sleep at the Xcaret Arte Hotel

Why does it cost 12 thousand pesos to sleep at the Xcaret Arte Hotel

If there is something wrong with the Hotel Xcaret Arte is that you are going to “spoil”. No matter how short your stay, it’s easy to get used to the in-room Jacuzzi, unlimited gourmet food, and the emerald river where you can swim for as long as you like. After returning home you will feel nostalgic when you see your photo gallery (which will be full of new elements) and it will take you several days to get rid of the idea that anything you need will be at your fingertips just by sending a message to your butler from the phone.

I will not deny that it is an expensive accommodation. After a simple search on its official website, the most “economical” room had a rate of 12 thousand pesos per night for two people. What do you get in return? That is what I will talk to you next. El Universal Destinations He spent a few nights in this new hotel, and so is the experience.

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The first impression

Located 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, Art It is the second hotel that Grupo Xcaret opens in Riviera Maya. Although it has traits in common with its predecessor, there are two things that help you quickly distinguish it: This property is for adults only and offers art workshops for all its guests.

To locate yourself in the complex, the first thing you should know is that its rooms are distributed in five different buildings: House of Music, Design, Peace, Pyramid and Artists. Each one has its own theme, benefits, or charm. For example, the suites that are in the Casa de la Paz are closer to the spa and those of Artistas are located in front of the sea (that’s why it is the most luxurious section of the hotel).

After you are picked up at the airport to transport you aboard a van, when you enter the hotel a person leads you to the building that corresponds to your suite. So that you don’t stand in line, each building has its own lobby where you check-in in private; Right there they put the guest bracelet, which serves as your room key and access pass to all the parks of Xcaret.

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Attention to details

Upon entering your suite, the Jacuzzi and deck with hammock compete to win your attention first. However, they are just the first of several surprises that await you. First, take a moment to appreciate the crafts and design objects that decorate your space: from the snail-shaped lamp and the chair that simulates an easel with canvas, to the fine textiles of the cushions.

Each room has a unique piece; in my case, the wall had a painting with embroidery that a Mexican family took a year to complete.

With a tablet you can request room services, and from a board next to your bed you control the lights or air conditioning. There is also a button to indicate “do not disturb” outside the suite and a real rarity in the bathroom: in front of the toilet space, which faces the outside of the room, there is an opaque glass wall that becomes transparent with the touch of a button; You may not be using it, but for some strange reason it will be one of the first things you will tell.

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The day of your arrival, on the table they leave you a Lele doll (yes, like the Otomi handicraft) made of chocolate. Many guests do not eat it for not wanting to “destroy” it, but it is worth a try. In addition, every day they supply a basket of Mexican sweets that are included in your stay.

To make you more comfortable, the closet is equipped with slippers, a bathrobe, a gift beach bag and a kit of products that you may have forgotten at home, such as combs or a toothbrush; all the amenities, including antibacterial gel, shampoo and mouthwash, are organic.

There are suites that overlook the pools, the jungle, the river that runs through the hotel, and the sea. In the most luxurious it is possible to find extra comforts, such as direct access to the water or a volcanic stone tub on the terrace.

A few minutes after you arrive in your room, your butler shows up with you. That is, the person who can help you with dinner reservations, answer questions, prepare a bubble bath or accompany you to a certain section of the complex where you do not know how to get (believe me, at least once you are going to get lost). To ask him for something you have to send him a WhatsApp message.

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Forget the scale

If you’ve previously stayed at an “all-inclusive” hotel, you may already be familiar with the idea of ​​having multiple international restaurants as a dining option during your stay. In this place the bet is taken further, with restaurants offering unusual proposals, tasting menus and truly mesmerizing decorations.

One of the must-sees is Chino Poblano which, as its name indicates, combines elements and dishes from Puebla with Chinese cuisine; Without a doubt, the star of its menu created by chef Jonatan Gómez Luna, is the duck lacquered with mole poblano. In addition, its talavera ceiling is one of the most beautiful interior spaces in the hotel.

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Another outstanding proposal is Kibi-Kibi, a Yucatecan and Lebanese fusion restaurant run by chef Roberto Solís; It is exclusive for the guests of Casa de los Artistas. Its aesthetic is unique, with walls that recall Middle Eastern architecture, huge warps separating the tables, and handmade chandeliers.

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Among the nine restaurants included there is a proposal by chef Paco Méndez, who was recognized with a Michelin star in Barcelona. However, you don’t need to go to a specific restaurant to have an interesting dining experience. For example, in the hotel’s main buffet, Mercado de San Juan, you find a real feast of Mexican snacks: cochinita tacos, quesadillas al comal, pozole, barbecue, sweet bread (offered by a man with a basket) and churros, they are just some of them.

If at night you want to go to a place of atmosphere, look for the Cantina Vi.Ai.Py, by chef Alejandro Ruiz. There is live music, dancing, and a delicious menu of Oaxacan dishes.

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There is also a “secret” place in the hotel, a stylish speakeasy bar dedicated to jazz. For you to visit, the only thing I can tell you is that at night look for a taco stand inside the property (totally authentic and in operation), from there it is not difficult to find it. The only thing that beats the thrill of finding it is the confusion that such a spectacular place can be so well hidden.

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Be a craftsman and a gourmet

You probably already know that when you stay at the hotel you have unlimited access to all the parks and tours of the Group Xcaret. Even so, the accommodation has its own charm, enough that you decide to stay without going out for at least a day.

First of all there are the art workshops, which give the place its essence. Most are open to all guests and you can, for example, learn to work with ceramics, to weave or simply improve your dance steps.

I participated in a pottery workshop, which lasts approximately two hours. In a comfortable room with lamps armed with clay jars, a professional craftsman teaches you how to make your own decorative piece, it can be a cup, a jewelry box or whatever you can think of. If you are not very skilled at decorating, it is best to stick to the molds, although no one is going to judge you if you decide to try something different and you are forced to correct a lot.

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Each house has its own terrace with a panoramic view, and none is exactly the same as the rest. One of them has a pool with an underwater sound system (you have to submerge to hear it) and the other has teepees with beds, photogenic and comfortable. The terrace of the House of Artists is the most outstanding, for its swimming pool with a transparent section; If you want to add a photo of this corner to your Instagram, you must stay in the Artists building.

In addition to the pools on each terrace and the main one (in the center of the resort), you have the option of swimming for a while in the river or in the sea. The hotel’s beach is one of the few in the Mexican Caribbean where sargassum rarely reaches, during my stay the water always wore its natural shades of turquoise blue. On the other hand, the river is almost always empty, perfect for swimming in total solitude; yes, it is mandatory to wear a life jacket.

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From the limestone rock that characterizes the soil of the Yucatan Peninsula, the spa of the Xcaret Arte Hotel was created. Treatment cabins and hydrotherapy pools are located inside caves. The spa has a sauna, steam room and an ice room.

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From time to time, small sporadic art shows are held on the hotel premises; There is no set schedule, but surely during your stay you will find one. It could be a painting artist in the hallways, a musical ensemble in the pool area, or a group of dancers.

Biosafety measures

These are some of the measures that are being applied in the Hotel Xcaret Arte to prevent Covid-19 infections.
-Before getting into the transport from the airport to the hotel, they give you antibacterial gel; They also spray your clothes, shoes and suitcases with sanitizer.
-When you arrive at the hotel, they give you a small sanitization kit that includes gel.
-The use of face masks extends not only among employees but also with guests, except when swimming.
-The buffet is attended.

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-For transfers from the hotel to the parks, the sanitization process that we already mentioned is repeated.
-Between the rows of seats on the buses there are plastic screens, to isolate the occupants a little more.

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* Note: hotel rates vary by season and by room. You may also find different prices on accommodation search engines.

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Why does it cost 12 thousand pesos to sleep at the Xcaret Arte Hotel