11 stars from the ’80s and’ 90s who went bankrupt

11 stars from the ’80s and’ 90s who went bankrupt

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There are not a few movie and television stars who, despite living a golden age at the end of the 20th century, have not fully adapted to the 21st century. With innovations in the field of cinematography, new audiovisual trends and especially the enormous lack of interest on the part of the public, many of those once considered great idols of the masses who ended up ruined.

And no, It is not Charlie Sheen that this article is talking about.. Long is the list of stars of the small and big screen, who after suffering several hits they could not raise their heads again.

Kim Basinger, Wesley Snipes, Pamela Anderson O Nicolas cage Among others are the unfortunate protagonists of this ranking: 10 stars from the ’80s and’ 90s who have filed for bankruptcy.


The once Bond girl was part of an investment group that hoped to kick off a project that included a tourist attraction and a film and television production facility in Georgia. Unfortunately, the project failed and Basinger lost millions. Then he received a lawsuit from Line Pictures for a verbal contract to star in the movie Boxing Helena. Although the court reversed the sentence, by then the interpreter had already declared bankruptcy.


The most famous vampire slayer in cinema (sorry for Van Helsing) filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and a few months later he was accused of tax fraud. Snipes was convicted of evading $ 12 million in taxes and he had to spend three years in prison.


In 1991 the rapper MC Hammer billed more than 33 million dollars. In 1996, with a loss of $ 14 million, had to file for bankruptcy after spending his money on cars, airplanes, a record company, a house of 30 million and lavish parties with his more than 200 friends.


The Point Break star filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after raising more than half a million dollars in debt with the IRS, different lawyers, the UCLA Medical Center, Wells Fargo and a woman named Carla Loeffler, who sued him for assault at an airport in Tusla in 2011.


The former lifeguard owed such a large debt to the IRS that en 2013, she was forced to sell her Malibu home for $ 7,750,000.


In 2009 alone, the actor earned $ 40 million. By then he owned a house in Malibu, a country house, a medieval castle, Midford Castle, he owned property in the Bahamas and an island of his own in the Exuma Archipelago. The IRS gave him a bill for $ 6.2 million and the actor sued his accountant for fraud. Today Nicolas Cage lives more modestly.


Coleman, the unforgettable Arnold who died in 2010 due to brain trauma after tripping and falling down the stairs in your home, filed for bankruptcy in 2009. The fact that He was once the highest paid actor on television, with a turnover of 7 million dollars, he blamed his financial problems on medical costs and a hard and endless fight with his adoptive parents.


Bridges played the lovable Willis Jackson on the series Arnold, earned an average of $ 15,000 – $ 30,000 a week. Unfortunately he lost his entire fortune during his fight against drug addiction.


In 1990 Nelson owed the IRS $ 16.7 million in back taxes. Faced with your refusal to pay, authorities raided his ranch house in Texas. The country music icon blamed everything on his accountant after filing for bankruptcy.


Another Baywatch star who savored the bitter taste of ‘poverty’. Eggert was forced to sell her Los Angeles home in 2015 for $ 1.15 million. to be able to pay your aesthetic bills.


The adorable little one Stephanie Tanner from the TV series Forced Parents He grew up … and it didn’t go very well. The actress fell into a spin and had to enter rehab for her addiction to methamphetamine, she divorced her husband Cody Herpin and his house was repossessed. The young actress seems to have taken flight and We will see her with the rest of her classmates from yesteryear at Fuller House, the sequel to the series sponsored by Netflix.

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11 stars from the ’80s and’ 90s who went bankrupt