12 movies about football that you can’t miss

12 movies about football that you can’t miss




Documentary Netflix that narrates the life of the footballer Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Skin. It reviews the exceptional years in which Pelé, the only player with three World Cups To his credit, he went from 1958 soccer star to national hero during a radical and turbulent time in the history of Brazil.

Rude and Corny

Rudo y Cursi.jpg

The story of “Rude and Corny” revolves around two brothers, Beto (Diego Luna), who wants to be a footballer, and Toto (Gael Garcia Bernal), also a soccer player who in turn dreams of being a singer of norteño music. They both want to carry out their wishes in order to have a better financial condition. However, the typical sibling rivalry puts them to the test. The film directed by Carlos Cuaron also has the participation of Guillermo Francella

Loving Maradona

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What does a boy playing on a street have in common? Villa Fiorito and the owner of a canteen of Naples? What do 500 people celebrating Christmas on October 30 and 25 soccer fans showing off their tattoos have in common? Everyone is loving Maradona. It is Diego himself who reviews his life from Cuba and he introduces us on a journey that finds the passion of his followers around the world.

Screaming and kicking

Screaming and kicking.jpg

Universal Pictures

Phil Weston (Will Ferrell) is a man who has had to endure an extremely competitive father, Buck (Robert Duval). When Phil decides to coach the kids’ soccer team his son plays for, he discovers that his father is the coach of the league’s favorite team. As the old feuds resurface, Phil and Buck will have to take serious action to claim the championship trophy.

Papers in the wind

Papers in the wind.jpg

Concrete Films

Based on the homonymous book by Eduardo Sacheri, the film is directed by Juan Taratuto and it stars Diego Peretti, Pablo Rago, Pablo Echarri and Diego Torres. Three friends (Peretti, Echarri and Rago) must take care of El Mono’s daughter (Torres). They then organize an unthinkable scam in the world of buying and selling soccer players.




“Heroes” is written, filmed and directed by Tony Maylam. To do this, the filmmaker used not only images filmed by himself, but also a lot of “canned” material (videos and archive images from Mexican broadcasts and the BBC) to portray the historical furor that was the Soccer World Cup 1986, made in Mexico.



Touchstone Pictures

Santiago Muñez, a Mexican cook in Los Angeles, receives the opportunity to fulfill his dream of playing soccer professionally. A talent scout with contacts in the UK chooses you and gives you the chance of a lifetime; if he makes it to England, he will be able to try out with the Newcastle United team. Gavin Harris, a star player, helps young Santiago succeed and convince his incredulous father.



100 Bares

The characters in a soccer game come to life to help Amadeo, a shy boy who must overcome his fears, confront a school bully and discover love and friendship. Directed by Juan Jose Campanella is inspired by the story “Memoirs of a right wing”, by Roberto Fontanarrosa

A decisive match

A decisive match.jpg

Duel Productions

The soccer field becomes a metaphor for life when a young player, his coach and the owner of his team battle with their demons while trying to win a championship. Directed by Francesco Carnesecchi and starring Francesco Pannofino, Alberto Di Stasio and Giorgio Colangeli.

Maradona by Kusturica


BiM Distribution

Documentary tape where the Serbian director Emir Kusturica is about to explain what Diego Maradona it represents for the world and the man behind that representation. For this, he compiles the outstanding events of his life (his childhood in Villa Fiorito, his career as a player, the best goal in history and his problems with drugs) and accompanies Diego in his activities between 2005 and 2007, his experience as a television presenter on La Noche del 10 and his political activism together with Fidel Castro, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez.

Mean Machine

Mean Machine.jpg

Paramount Classics

l England captain Danny Meehan (Vinnie Jones), is sentenced to prison after being arrested for drug use. Once in prison, he will form and lead a soccer team that will face the guards who work there. Movie remake ”The bone braker” starring Burt Reynolds and directed in 1974 by Robert Aldrich.

Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer.jpg

Universe Entertainment

Sing is a Shaolin disciple whose ambition is to popularize kung fu in modern society. One day he will meet Fung, a former failed footballer. Both will have the idea of ​​forming a team that mixes soccer with martial arts. The film is starring and directed by Stephen Chow.

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12 movies about football that you can’t miss