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Cassie had a bright future ahead of her until a nasty incident ended her career. Now nothing in his life is what it seems: he’s smart, bold, and lives a double life at night. Cassie has a chance to make amends for anything that went wrong in her past … by taking revenge on the culprits.


A life dedicated to doing justice

A promising young woman -O Promising Young Woman In its original version- it is a film that transmits much more than it may seem at first glance because, although the trailer has been seen, it does not give us too many clues of the true depth with which we later find ourselves in the film.

The film begins in a somewhat disconcerting way. With a retro air in the typography and a curious music -a remix of the song Boys by Charli XCX- takes us into a nightclub in which we are shown a series of men dancing. We immediately notice that there is a woman lying on some sofas in the back, who seems to have had too much to drink. A boy approaches and the movie begins …

I do not want to reveal what happens throughout the following scenes, but it can be said that the film takes us into the world of that woman. Little by little we are learning the true reasons for her unusual behavior, as she lives a kind of double life that seems not to be understood at first. We enter his mind and his suffering and how the wounds of the past have left a trace that will not be easy to erase. She decides to face that suffering by standing as the justice of a tragedy that was not resolved at the time. Thus, throughout the film, he encounters the different attitudes of the people who cross his path. Let’s say that she has a detailed plan to follow, which consists of taking revenge one on one of the people who committed that crime so that they can answer to justice, and she takes it masterfully, without the implicated realizing it until the final.

The plot is original, and the script, from my point of view, is very well written. A promising young woman it combines humor and drama in a very attractive way for the viewer. The ending is also unexpected, which gives the film a pleasant final flavor, leaving the viewer pensive.

A critique of “throwaway” sexuality

The story, which is unfolding little by little, is of a very deep nature, and shows the reality of the pain that many people have to live today and how part of society does not realize the problems with which they are faced. face. The film is highly critical of the vision of a “throwaway” sexuality, of objectifying the woman and seeing in her a body to enjoy, without hardly ever getting to know her. In fact, the film highlights how many times the name of that girl is not even known.

Finally, it must be said that the film is still a thriller, but a thriller with a strong message in favor of the dignity of women and a savage criticism of a false society that only seeks sexual pleasure and pretending that everything is going well, when the reality that hides is many times very different. It may not be a film that all audiences like, because its message is harsh (sexual abuse and its consequences) and there are some scenes that can hurt sensibilities (drug use, alcohol, attempt to take sexual advantage of a drunk woman or a somewhat sensual bachelor party), but it does not have any explicit content and I think that those who like thrillers and also want to take a deep and human message from their viewing, will love it.

A promising young woman was nominated for five Oscars Academy Award (Best Film, Best Direction, Best Leading Actress, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing) finally winning Best Original Screenplay. It is not little to be the first feature film by the British director, producer, screenwriter and actress Emerald Fennell, best known lately for her role on the hit series The Crown, in which she plays Camilla Parker-Bowles.


A promising young woman
  • Original title: Promising Young Woman
  • Address: Emerald Fennell
  • Screenplay: Emerald Fennell
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 113 min. my.
  • Gender: Thriller. Drama | Black comedy. Revenge. Crime. Sexual abuse
  • Interpretation: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Adam Brody, Laverne Cox, Clancy Brown, Angela Zhou, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Alfred Molina, Molly Shannon, Sam Richardson, Steve Monroe, Casey Adams
  • Producer: UK-US co-production; Filmnation Entertainment, Focus Features, LuckyChap Entertainment. Producer: Margot Robbie, Carey Mulligan. Distributor: Focus Features
  • Song: Anthony B. Willis
  • Photography: Benjamin Kracun
  • Premiere in Spain: April 16, 2021

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