Chris Hemsworth’s Occlusive Training: What It Is And How It’s Done

Chris Hemsworth he’s been undergoing occlusion training, and that’s what has helped him get big, strong muscles.

Maybe you don’t want giant muscles that won’t fit in a shirt or jacket, but gaining a little muscle doesn’t hurt anyone and for that, you have to train the right way. There are many methods that work, but according to Hemsworth, the occlusive type of training makes them work harder in less time, which means it won’t take as long to get the results you want.

The actor also says that he is not a Training Type for the weak, since it becomes uncomfortable (no pain, no gain, remember?), in addition to that it is very important that you do not start doing it without the help of a good coach who tells you exactly how to do each element of the training (In his case, the Australian actor began training in this way with Ross Edgley, one of the trainers of his fitness app Centr), otherwise you can get hurt.

What exactly is occlusive training?

This is a type of exercise that some Olympic athletes even do, it is also called exercise training. restriction of blood flow (BFR), and what you are looking for is to reduce the time it takes you to build muscle and gain strength.

“The basic technique requires restricting blood flow to a muscle he’s exercising for the purpose of building his strength and size, ‚ÄĚsays Healthline (that’s why it’s used by people who have little time to prepare for something special, like a Marvel movie or a competition).

How is occlusive training done?

To perform this type of training, you must use elastic sales (or something similar) to reduce the movement or flow of blood back to the heart so that the part of the body you are working on fills with blood.

It sounds very extreme, and maybe it is a bit, but, in simpler terms, it consists of “tying”, for example, the upper part of the arms when you go to work the biceps with curl exercises. This works because it increases the lactate concentration in the blood and allows you to work at a lower intensity and feel that it is a much more intense work.

Why? Experts say that when the brain thinks you’re going through a physical challenge, then more muscle growth (or hypertrophy) hormones are released.

Studies say that this method does not damage the muscles, but you must take good care of the size of the band you use so as not to hurt yourself. This type of exercise is even used in some cases where people need physical rehabilitation, but always in the company of an expert.

What are the benefits?

We already tell you a bit, but there is 4 main benefits so it might be a good idea to try training this way.

  • This technique helps to achieve hypertrophy and increase muscle mass even without using very heavy loads.
  • It can help increase strength throughout the body (this is not its main goal).
  • It can lead to faster muscle growth, even if you use it for cardio.
  • Mechanical stress and fatigue are low, so according to studies, this does not cause muscle damage.

Remember that it is important that you do not do this alone and without the help of an expert, in addition to that you need the correct equipment (do not tie any garter on your arms or legs, that can be dangerous and it will not help you reach your fitness goal).

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Chris Hemsworth’s Occlusive Training: What It Is And How It’s Done