Ed Sheeran after his sabbatical: “I am purely music”

Ed Sheeran after his sabbatical: “I am purely music”

Despite the fact that Ed Sheeran announced that he was going to abandon his career, a few weeks ago he released a new song and has now admitted in an interview the reason why his artistic side returned: “During my sabbatical year I was looking for myself and who I am, but I, as a person, am purely music ”.

The singer has appeared in an interview with the medium SiriusXM, where he has spoken about the decision to abandon music: “The tour of Divide it was running out, and had sold about 22 million copies, which is the highest number of sales any previous album has had. And I remember being on the stage in Ipswich finishing the tour, and getting off the stage thinking that I was 28 years old and didn’t know what to do with my life. Then my wife and I had our daughter, and I thought that maybe I wasn’t going to play music anymore, that I was just going to be a father. “

But Sheeran has not been able to refrain from who he is: “I found that I felt very sad, as if I had no purpose, even though I was putting all my time and effort into being a father. That’s when I realized that it is much more important for my daughter to grow up knowing that her parents have a work ethic and that they love to work hard and create and that they enjoy their jobs, rather than looking at your father and seeing someone who technically he is unemployed ”.

The performer of hits like Shape of you He has confessed that at first he felt lost: “In my mind, success is measured according to the quality, in my eyes, of the songs I have composed, and not according to the number of concert or record sales. But there is a certain expectation from everyone around you, such as people from my family, who tell me that the next album has to be even bigger, and I know they say it to show support, but I think maybe not it would have to be more successful. Perhaps the career of an artist should be like a roller coaster, instead of always going up ”.

I felt very sad, as if I had no purpose “

Ed SheeranSinger

The singer has taken his wife into account when deciding when to return to the stage: “Now Cherry can telework with her company, and do videoconferences and all that stuff. And now that we are a family, I didn’t want it to be unfair. I guess I was hoping to find a way to work that was fair. I need to know where I’m going to be and at what time because I can’t just leave Cherry, or not be there for Lyra or even my parents. “

The balance, according to what Sheeran has explained, has been found in another artist: “I was working with Eminem and I copied the idea from him. He works from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. You go to the studio, you work, and then you come home. It feels very good to have a structure and organization ”.

Faced with the question of whether any song had caught the artist’s attention lately, he did not hesitate for a second: “Driver’s license by Olivia Rodrigo. I remember when I first heard it I thought it was a wonderful melody and then I found out that she was only 17 years old. That was the age when I started writing songs, and my songs weren’t like that. She couldn’t sing with that caliber either, so she’s extremely talented. She is a very special artist ”.

In another interview with the same chain a few days earlier, Ed Sheeran admitted that he has been watching the Netflix platform series for the first time The Crown, and that as an entertainment series it is very good, but he confesses between laughs that the scenes in which two people talk in private have confused him, reasoning that how can you know that those conversations took place. But the artist has come to the conclusion that, although it is a cultural and historical series, he assumes that some parts have been adorned.

During that last interview, the singer also spoke about how he was living the new stage: “Being a father has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

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Ed Sheeran after his sabbatical: “I am purely music”