In these films the US Capitol also suffered.

In these films the US Capitol also suffered.

The recent assault on the United States Capitol has brought to mind other scenes (much more exciting) than the world of cinema It has awarded such an illustrious building in films of all kinds.

What is clear is that, in almost all of them, the building that houses the congress of the North American country has fared badly. So, at least, the recent events with the seguidores de Donald Trump they have been very far from what has been seen on the big screen.

All a symbol

Both the Capitol and the White House They are, without a doubt, the two great symbols of American power – then there are other more cultural ones such as the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate – and therefore every time you want to show an attack on the american way of life, the filmmakers put them at the center of the action.

It’s no wonder then that they have been targeted by terrorists, supervillains, and even aliens. And it is that all of them seem to know perfectly where the most important decisions.

The enemies of the fatherland

Among the first group, that of terrorists who hate america, examples are found in movies such as Assault to power, a movie of Roland Emmerich -director specialized in mass destruction-, in which a police officer played by Channing Tatum thwarts the evil attempt of a group of mercenaries, while saving the president (Jamie Foxx) and the planet. Of course, the Capitol suffers the consequences.

Something similar happens in Objetive the white house, although on that occasion the attackers who want to finish off the US president (Aaron Eckhart) come from North Korea. Among their misdeeds they destroy part of the Capitol, but they do not count on a former secret service agent with the face of Gerard Butler I know them all and finish fixing the situation.

Comic villains

Not only have terrorists set their sights on the Capitol on the Seventh Art, but it has also been targeted by evil villains like in GI Joe: Revenge, where the Cobra organization seeks to give the final blow to the US government defended by this group of soldiers led by actor Channing Tatum (yes, again), Dwayne Johnson and Adrianne Palicki.

Although Lex Luthor’s plan is much more perverse in Superman V. Batman, as it destroys the building with all its members inside, including Superman, who, of course, is the only one who survives such an explosion (and eats part of the blame).

Photogram de Superman V. Batman / WARNER BROS.

They came from the stars

We cannot forget that Superman is an alien superhero who came from a distant planet called Krypton. From there, three Kryptonians also ended up on Earth with very bad grapes. Superman II They not only seek to humiliate the son of man who imprisoned them, but they also seek to rule over human beings, as they consider them inferior. In these supervillain chores, the Capitol is outraged until the hero with the S on his chest is able to defeat them.

Aware of the power that emanates from this building, the Martians of Mars Attacks! they go there to smooth things over with human beings, leading to a funny scene in which they annihilate all the members of the congress … Fortunately for them, in Independence Day they weren’t taking their seats and survived the furious onslaught of aliens without an intrepid pilot (Will Smith) and a heroic president (Bill Pullman).

Nothing to do against the elements

Within its symbolism as part of the oldest democracy in the world, the Capitol has also had to deal with its destruction (or other flaws) in the apocalyptic movies that have proliferated so much in recent decades. A good example of this was Tomorrow, also by Roland Emmerich, where climate change became extreme and really destructive phenomena began to occur.

And that’s not to mention 2012 (one more by Roland Emmerich), in which not only is Washington destroyed, but the world as we know it disappears.

Even noah

Much more civilized than that of Trump’s followers was the arrival of the animals commanded by Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) on I’m still like God, who has become a kind of reincarnation of Noah and does nothing more than warn that something bad is going to happen.

As is evident, he will be right, something that perhaps the assailants who have sneaked into the emblematic building are missing.

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In these films the US Capitol also suffered.