Keanu Reeves and how to dress well after 30

Keanu Reeves It has already become the biggest icon of contemporary action cinema. What John Wick, delivers a modern vision of James Bond as a perfect agent in every way, from the way he takes care of his missions, to the way he dresses. But even off screen Reeves She is quite an impressive character for her modesty, her passions, and even her clothing choices.

Reeves It is not a fashion icon like others, but in its simple and minimalist way of dressing it has a few lessons that post-30 men can learn. Perfect outfits for any occasion and a total focus on comfort. So we can never fail.

Total Black nunca falla

Total black.

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Either because of his love for John Wick or for his simple taste in fashion, Keanu is proof that total black is one of the best looks for men after 30. It offers style with absolute seriousness and does not require too much effort. Reeves Avoid being completely black when choosing footwear that makes a slight contrast and serves to load the rest of the outfit. Some would say that this is not total black, but we believe it is essential to keep a little color in the footwear. So it doesn’t get boring and we continue to be attentive to every detail.

Everything is in the suit

Everything in the suit.

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It seems that Reeves He’s been permanently in suit since John Wick started, but he’s the ideal choice to keep this look serious without trying too hard. Of course, reeves suits They are ideal for your body type, something that we must consider before choosing a suit, in addition to keeping it minimalist by not including any type of accessory. It doesn’t seek to stand out, but it does so by not pushing yourself (if that makes any sense at all). It is essential to accommodate it to measure.

A Biker Jacket is always the option

Simple Keanu.

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Keanu Reeves he is a motorcycle lover. In fact, he founded a customization company for these types of vehicles and he really has a strong passion. So it is inevitable that in your closet there are several biker jackets, which are usually perfect for men over 30. They are not so casual, and depending on the design they can look quite serious and comfortable. For those who are not so much about coats or jackets, this is the ideal option, along with jeans and appropriate footwear.

The t-shirt with a jacket is worth it


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It’s a bit tiring to wear a suit all the time, but there are other ways to find some serious outfit while we’re comfortable. Reeves it remains with total black for these moments, with black t-shirts that fit with a blazer and jeans, or sometimes just changing the shirt of a suit for a t-shirt, achieving a comfortable but safe look thanks to black. It is a very ideal look, and nothing difficult to achieve.

Feel comfortable

Basic but effective.

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Needless to say Reeves He is not a fashion icon at the level of other men, and in the end that is not his goal. The man, regardless of his outfit, looks absolutely comfortable. He does not enter into the ephemeral trends of men’s fashion but he plays it safe and with what he feels good. That is the central key for every man. There is no point in buying a luxury jacket if you are not comfortable wearing it. That is why minimalism is so present in the actor’s looks. It does not go to excess but to the basics.

The hair of Keanu Reeves It is also an important part of the image it offers, but we do not need it to adopt any of these looks.

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Keanu Reeves and how to dress well after 30