‘Little Women’: reinvention of the classic for the 21st century

‘Little Women’: reinvention of the classic for the 21st century


Original title: Little Women

Year: 2019

Duration: 135 minutes

Country: USA

Address: Greta Gerwig

Script: Greta Gerwig

Song: Alexandre Desplat

Photography: Yorick Le Saux

Distribution: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep, Florence Pugh, James Norton, Eliza Scanlen, Louis Garrel, Bob Odenkirk, Chris Cooper, Tracy Letts, Abby Quinn, Sasha Frolova, Jamie Ghazarian, Hadley Robinson, Ken Holmes, David Arthur Sousa, Jayne Houdyshell, Jen Nikolaisen, Domenic Arduino, Tom Kemp, Mikayla S. Campbell, Edward Fletcher, Lilly Englert, Rob Lévesque, Kayla Caulfield, Cassidy Neal, Adam Desautels, Bill Salvatore, Dash Barber, Jason Mulcahy, Tom Stratford, Erin Rose, Lonnie Farmer, Robert Marsella, Bill Mootos, Yefim Somin, Adam Teper, Alexander Davis, Thomas J Berry, Scott Sederquist, Michael Cassata, Dave Maguire, Yair Koas y Brian Tobin

Producer: Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures Entertainment / New Regency Pictures / Pascal Pictures / Regency Enterprises

Gender: Drama

Synopsis: Four sisters come of age in the United States after the Civil War. (FilmAffinity)

How to adapt to the 21st century a novel that has already been adapted so many times? As it does Greta Gerwig. ‘Little Women’ It is a great period film told with a vision of the 21st century and without giving up the original material. A high-profile cinematographic work that reinvents a story marked by fire in the collective imagination.

‘Little Women’ It is a film that recovers the style and rhythm of the great classic films. Greta Gerwig he is right to give his tape a current speech, but without giving up what he created Louisa May Alcott. ‘Little Women’ is a film that focuses on women and vindicates women, with their pros and cons. A history of women, for all the public.

Several factors differentiate this ‘Little Women’ other. The narration of the version of Greta Gerwig breaks the linearity of time and tells us the story in leaps and bounds. What on other occasions has been done in two parts, here we are seeing it in pieces, past and present. Get the viewer less familiar with the material to enjoy another level of ‘Little Women’. A more demanding narrative, but one that does not subtract, adds.

Little women

The other factor that differentiates this ‘Little Women’ it is your temporary consciousness. Knows Gerwig that its narration is typical of the 21st century and to which generation it is directed, this is the ‘Little Women’ for millennials. But he is also very aware of the time in which the story is set. Do not give up what Louisa May Alcott he wrote, nor to the nature of the characters. An update of the respectful and necessary story.

The film is completed with a cast of those who remove the hiccups. Marmee is a Laura Dern that happens a bit out there, complies, but fails to stand out in the function. Quite the opposite of Tía March, Meryl Streep, that in four scenes counted where it comes out manages to stand out greatly. The male part is completed with an attractive Louis garrel, like Friedrich Bhaer, and a Timothée Chalamet brilliant giving life to a funny Laurie.

But the protagonists are the little women, the four daughters of Laura Dern. Eliza scanlen plays Beth, the least interesting of the four little women. Emma watson She succeeds in playing Meg, the crush. Saoirse Ronan she gets into the shoes of Jo, the heroine and “protagonist”, in a new acting lesson from the New Yorker. And finally, Florence Pugh, as Amy, the brightest of the four and the one who takes the show away from her sisters.

But not everything is gold that glitters. The script of ‘Little Women’ from Greta Gerwig It is one of the evils of today’s cinema: underlining. Instead of settling for showing off her most feminist streak through the actions of her characters, she has the urge to chew on the viewer. It is not necessary to Saoirse Ronan tell us that women can choose their destiny, they know how to think, etc., we already know, your character is showing us for two and a quarter hours. These easy concessions weigh down what could have been something truly round. Movies from years ago like ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ they were feminists because they knew themselves to be feminists, without the need to make a flag or launch the rally.

It is, however, a necessary and well-shot film that also shines with the exquisite soundtrack of Alexandre Desplat. Photography of Yorick Le Saux he becomes one more character in the film. Without forgetting the stage design and costumes and makeup.

‘Little Women’ It is a necessary update of a mythical story that required a high-level revision to the 21st century. A film that does not renounce the basis of history but manages to reinvent for new generations one of the most widely read books in history.

The best: The completely respectful reinterpretation that makes Greta Gerwig.

Worst: Feel the absurd need to underline your intention.

Little women

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‘Little Women’: reinvention of the classic for the 21st century