New Gods could arrive in serial format on HBO Max

New Gods could arrive in serial format on HBO Max

The DC Comics Universe is so extensive that the stories and characters have no limits and, therefore, there are endless options to continue generating film or television projects whether you function independently as Joker (91%) or The Batman , or that form part of the DC Extended Universe as The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Wonder Woman (92%). Warner Bros. knows what it has in its hands and is exploring the possibilities available to it.

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Now that it has its own streaming platform HBO Max, it will continue with the series outside of the successful television shows that it already has as the entire Arrowverse. Now he has put on the table spin-offs of his films that will be broadcast on an episodic basis. The company has had endless plans for the cinema and, as with any production, not all of them have the opportunity to be made or they get stuck at some stage of the production.

Some of his projects that were left in limbo were The Trench, un spin-off de Aquaman (73%), y New Gods, which would run under the direction of Ava DuVernay (Selma (99%), Middle of Nowhere (87%)), who would ensure that it reached the fourth draft of the script for the film. Some time later, no more was known about these projects, but there was also no official statement about their cancellation. DuVernay, for his part, decided to focus his attention on other projects he had on the doorstep, such as The Battle of Versailles, DMZ, Naomi and the Netflix documentary Colin in Black & White.

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On this occasion, a new light of hope has arrived for those who dreamed of seeing the members of New Gods gathered on the screen, and is that some rumors have indicated that Warner is raising the idea of ​​taking them as a series to HBO Max. Although so far it is nothing more than a rumor, what draws the attention of many is that the source is the same that ensured that Ben Affleck would return as Batman in the film starring Ezra Miller before the official announcement was made.

It is no secret that the aforementioned transmission platform has had series that are part of the DCEU in its sights, in fact, one of the confirmed programs that are already taking shape is Peacemaker starring John Cena and created by James Gunn as a spin-off of The Suicide Squad (91%); this without forgetting that they have also kept their eyes on the darker side of comics with proposals such as adaptations of Justice League Dark and Constantine.

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The tone for which they are leaning for their future television projects indicates that it would be the right place and time for New Gods made it to the small screen. It is worth mentioning that some of the theories about the cancellation of the film that he would direct Ava DuVernay point to the fact that Zack Snyder’s Justice League (82%) introduced Darkseid, hailing from Apokolips. This would have somehow connected the DuVernay tape with Snyder’s, or so the audience would hope.

This supposedly would lead the studio to make the decision to store the project. For now, we will only have to wait to know the official plans for HBO Max, as we remember that DC Films and Warner Bros. confirmed that many series would arrive, most of them spin-offs, that would be connected with the films, but not much has been revealed yet. respect.

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New Gods could arrive in serial format on HBO Max