Spider-Man: No Way Home could mean Tom Holland’s departure from the MCU

After two successful solo films, Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming – 92%, Spider-Man: Far From Home – 82%) is preparing to play Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in a new adventure, recently titled No Way Home. Although few details are still known about this movie, the reality is that it has sparked many theories and with each new detail that is revealed, fans are beginning to think of a new one.

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Although it has been a while since the title that this third film will carry was released, a new theory revealed by Digital Spy notes that this could contain a clue to Holland’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if so, surely there would be more than one sad fan.

The above is not for less, because according to this new information, the young actor could say goodbye to Marvel with this third film. And it is that although it is known that Holland still does not have a contract with the company for future projects, the truth is that many expected to see him in more tapes of this universe.

However, according to Digital Spy, the title of No Way Home – no way home or no way home – would not only refer to the difficult situation in which Peter Parker found himself at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which his identity was revealed because of Mysterio and J Jonah Jameson, but it would also be the perfect opportunity to open new universes and with that the actor would be left out of Marvel.

This is explained, since although it is logical that Peter is running away, at least initially, in the new film until he can clear his name, the reality is that there may also be another hidden meaning and that is that ‘no way home’ too It could mean that Peter cannot return home in his own timeline, because as is known and has already been speculated a lot, this third installment of the arachnid superhero would seek to open the possibilities of the multiverse.

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If this were true and the ‘No Way Home’ references Holland’s Peter Parker trapped in another timeline, this would allow Sony to cross the Spider-Man movies with their own universe, with tapes like Venom – 35%. Although this does not completely rule out the return of the actor to the MCU, the reality is that it would justify the fact that the protagonist of Cherry – 27% do not yet have another contract with Marvel.

Although there are still many discussions about which actor has played the best version of Spider-Man, the reality is that Holland has managed to win the affection of many fans and leaving him out of the MCU would be a serious blow, even if that allows interesting crossovers in other universes. filmic.

There is nothing confirmed yet, however, in addition to the lack of a contract, it is known that the young actor will seek to take some time from acting, after Spider-Man: No Road Home, as he has had months with a lot of work, for what the new theory might have a bit of truth to it.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home could mean Tom Holland’s departure from the MCU