The domestic life of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

The couple have been linked since 2017 (Photo: The Grosby Group)

The relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and model Camila Morrone It seems to gain strength with each passing day.

According to what a source revealed to the entertainment portal, AND! NewsThree years after being captured together, the 46-year-old actor and the 23-year-old Argentine still continue to enjoy their time as a couple.

Leo and Cami are still going strong and really good. He is very welcoming to Cami and they are serious”, The person told the portal.

Not only have the couple been dedicated to spending quality time, but they already live together, and even adopted a Siberian husky together.

The source revealed that the actor's life has changed (Photo: File)
The source revealed that the actor’s life has changed (Photo: File)

“He is filming right now, but Leo has been adjusting to this domestic life with Cami, unlike all the time he used to spend with his friends. He really likes his life with her and they are much more of a couple than they used to be, ”the person concluded.

A controversial relationship for many

In december 2017 nails Photographs of the actor leaving his home in Los Angeles with Morrone sparked speculation about a romance. Although neither of them spoke of their relationship, the romance was evident thanks to their frequent public walks. They were also seen enjoying a vacation in Colorado and on Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday.

Camila is the daughter of actress Lucila Polak, who was a partner of Al Pacino for more than a decade, and DiCaprio was seen at a family dinner with the iconic Hollywood actor.

Morrone, who has worked as a model since she was a teenager, He has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and in a 2015 interview he said he had not asked Al Pacino for acting advice..

DiCaprio and Morrone would have been in a relationship for 3 years (Photo: The Grosby Group)
DiCaprio and Morrone would have been in a relationship for 3 years (Photo: The Grosby Group)

“Cinema is part of my life because I have known Al since I was eight years old and for me he is a strong figure. But I’m not asking for advice: there are things that I need to discover alone”, He explained at the time.

The paparazzi captured the encounter at the Avra ​​restaurant in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards Camila and Lucila Polak enjoying a break in Saint-Tropez with Leonardo DiCaprio. Later the couple traveled to Nerano, in Italy.

The list of public appearances for both is already long, something unusual for DiCaprio, who has linked with various models in the past such as Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Toni Garrn, Nina Agdal and Kelly Rohrbach.

In December 2018, after being seen at a soccer game, the media in the United States published stories related to a possible engagement.

Everything indicates that DiCaprio is very happy in his relationship (Photo: Grosby Group)
Everything indicates that DiCaprio is very happy in his relationship (Photo: Grosby Group)

“The gallant may be out of the market. A friend of the couple says that they are very serious and that the marriage could happen very soon, because they have already talked about getting engaged ”, he published US Weekly.

The Cut added: “Leo never loved anyone like that and is ready to have children. Camila also loves being around children and would like to have children with Leo, although she wants to get married first, because she cares about traditions ”.

With no wedding or baby plans, the couple adopted two dogs, the first Jack, and the second, Jill. Marrone described it as the best decision he has made during quarantine.

“Adopting a puppy during this time of quarantine has been the best decision. For all my friends who show an interest in doing this, DO IT. They will not regret. the sweet creatures need them so much, “wrote the actress on her Instagram account.


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The domestic life of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone