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In May of this 2021 it was released in cinemas and through the streaming platform “Cruella”, which tells the story of Estella, who later becomes a renowned fashion designer. Said character, famous for being one of Disney’s iconic villains, is starred by Emma Stone, who will reprise the cunning Cruella in a sequel.

Emma Stone reached an agreement with Disney to lead the sequel to “Cruella” (2021), reported this Friday the portal Deadline. Beyond the incentive to see the Oscar winner for “La La Land” (2016) again as the evil one from “101 Dalmatians” (1961), it is important to read the pact between Stone and Disney in business terms after the scandal of “Black Widow” (2021).

Scarlett Johansson, star and producer of “Black Widow” and one of the great stars of Marvel, He denounced Disney at the end of July for the simultaneous release in theaters and Disney Plus of this film, something that, in his opinion, harmed him financially.

According to the actress, a significant part of her salary depended on box office income and that is why he had taken from Marvel the promise that this film could only be seen on the big screen.

“Disney (owner of Marvel) was well aware of this promise, but still instructed Marvel to violate their commitment and instead release the film on Disney Plus the same day it hit theaters,” he said in your complaint.

Mickey Mouse Giant responded harshly to Johansson and argued that this breach of contract lawsuit it has “no foundation”.

“This complaint is especially sad and distressing in its cruel disregard for the horrible, prolonged and global effects of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

“Disney has fully honored the Johansson contract. What’s more, the premiere of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney Plus, With premium access, you have significantly expanded your ability to earn compensation additional over the 20 million dollars it has received to date, “he added.

Apart from the clash between Johansson and Disney, this lawsuit paved the way for other movie stars They will claim their share of the cake for the simultaneous premieres in theaters and platforms that have been a constant during the pandemic.

In this sense, the agreement between Stone and Disney for the sequel to “Cruella” closes the possibility that this actress faces the multimedia giant as did Johansson, and it can serve as an example in Hollywood on how the profits of movies can be managed in the future now that the primacy of theaters is in question.

Returning to the purely artistic, Disney announced a week after releasing “Cruella”, at the end of May, he was already working on his continuation with Craig Gillespie (“I, Tonya”, 2017) again as director.

Nevertheless, Until now it was not confirmed that Stone would be the protagonist. “Cruella” was shown both in theaters and on Disney Plus with an additional charge of $ 30. The film has grossed $ 222 million at the box office, but Disney has not disclosed how much it has made from its digital release.

Set in 1970s London, the film tells the life of Estella (Cruella’s original name), who after being orphaned must earn a living on the streets of the British capital. The young woman will develop a great knack for robberies, accompanied by a street gang that helps her get her first job in the fashion industry.

“We have always been interested in knowing what it is that leads a person to live on their darkest side. To live in those parts that one hides or comes to think of but that are too cruel or socially unacceptable, “explained Stone in an interview with Eph.

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Was it because of Scarlett Johansson? Emma Stone reaches an agreement with Disney to make a sequel to ‘Cruella’ – La Prensa de Monclova