50 Years of Dolores O’Riordan, from The Cranberries – Rock & Pop

50 Years of Dolores O’Riordan, from The Cranberries – Rock & Pop

The link between tragedies and rock is too common a topic, but it does not leave us indifferent. Today, September 6, the Irish singer-songwriter Dolores O’Riordan would have turned 50 and we feel it necessary to remember her life and work. He achieved fame with the band The Cranberries, whose song «Zombie» is a hymn of the grunge.

Love music

Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan She was born in Limerick in 1971 to a Catholic family that supported her in singing in her church choir in her childhood and adolescence. In fact, she was always a fan of sacred music and was passionate about writing. She considered herself a fan of Duran Duran, The Smiths, Sinéad O’Connor and Patsy Cline. The Cranberries It was founded in 1990 and soon she began to create songs with the guitarist, Noel Hogan.

«Zombie» reached a high popularity on the radio, even today it is still heard. However, the inspiration behind it lies in the death of the children Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball, who died in one of the terrorist attacks of the IRA or Irish Republican Army. Being Catholic did not prevent her from rejecting the actions of the group, of a Catholic-Republican nature.

As a soloist he released the album Are You Listening?, 2007, and 2009 launched No Baggage. Both have an intimate, dark and almost confessional style. There are covers to their songs, even by Miley Cyrus herself.

Dolores O’Riordan

A life of ups and downs

While the band added successes and toured the world, she married in 1994 with Don Burton, another member of the band. Together they had three children, Taylor Baxter, Molly Leigh, and Dakota Rain. For some years they lived on a farm in their hometown, then Dublin, and finally Buckhorn. She always remained Catholic, she even expressed her admiration for Pope John Paul II and in 2013 she appeared at the Vatican in front of Pope Francis. He also declared to be anti-abortion.

In 2013 her father passed away and, speaking about her family environment, she told the world that she was a survivor of sexual abuse. In 2014, she was arrested for causing violent disturbances on a plane in which she insulted, assaulted and spat at flight attendants. Later it was also reported that he assaulted a policeman and had to pay a fine. That same year she also divorced Don Burton, for which she had a high presence in the tabloid press. All this news was added to the reports circulating about his eating disorder, suicidal thoughts and alcohol abuse. Finally, in the year 201, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The last days

In January 2018 he was in London as he would record a new version of the hit «Zombie», this time with the metal band Bad Wolves. On January 1, she was found submerged in the bathtub of her room at the London Hilton on Park Lane hotel. To the months, On his birthday, it was revealed that he had accidentally died of drowning. But the toxicology report revealed a high amount of alcohol in his body and the hotel room had empty bottles and medications. He was 46 years old. Today she is buried in her hometown of Ballybricken, County Limerick. To date, she is remembered as a musical icon and as a resilient who always tried to cope with her problems.

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50 Years of Dolores O’Riordan, from The Cranberries – Rock & Pop