Angelina Jolie accuses Harvey Weinstein of getting too involved with her

Angelina Jolie accuses Harvey Weinstein of getting too involved with her

The actress Angelina Jolie assured that she was the victim of former producer Harvey Weinstein and that she was forced to “escape” to avoid having contact with the man, convicted of rape and assault.

In a conversation with the English newspaper The Guardian, the famous interpreter assured that the events occurred when she was 21 years old and starred in the film Playing by heart, produced by Weinstein’s company.

However, the former Hollywood mogul denied all the accusations through a statement to the TMZ site, in which he stated that “there was never an attack, not even an attempted attack.”

“It is blatantly false and misleading advertising… You are Angelina Jolie, I am sure that all men and women in the world are interested in you. Is the whole world attacking you? ”, He added in the letter.

Weinstein believes that Jolie’s statements are aimed at promoting the actress’s new book, Know Your Rights.

“For me, it is very clear that this is to achieve more sales for Angie’s book,” he said in the statement.

Controversial statements

In the interview with the English newspaper, the mother of six recalled that she had a bad experience with Weinstein and related it to her then husband, Jonny Lee Miller.

“I walked away (from Weinstein) and alerted people to him. I remember I told Jonny, my first husband, who was very good, to tell other men and not to leave the girls alone with him, “said Jolie, 46.

Jolie even assured that in 2004 she was summoned to film the movie The Aviator, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett, but she refused because Weinstein was involved in the project.

During an interview with The New York TimesIn 2017, Jolie had previously referred to her encounter with Weinstein. In that conversation, the artist said that the producer had made advances without her consent, so she decided never to work with him again. “His behavior towards women, in any field or country, is unacceptable,” she said at the time.

Likewise, Jolie affirms that she had an argument with her ex-husband Brad Pitt when he decided to participate as a producer in a film of the Weinstein company. “We argue about it. Of course it hurt, ”Jolie confessed.

Another ex-partner of Pitt, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, had revealed that Weinstein had invited her to his hotel room when she was 22 years old and had suggested giving her massages.

On that occasion, Pitt confronted Weinstein on a red carpet and threatened the producer.

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Angelina Jolie accuses Harvey Weinstein of getting too involved with her