Apple Ads [Actualizado] – Faq-mac

Apple Ads [Actualizado] – Faq-mac

As I have done with the new content that comes to Apple TV +, I have thought that there is so much audiovisual production from Apple for its different products that it is better to gather them in a single post, so that we can have them at hand …

We will update the post as new videos come out.

If we have missed any, point it out in the comments and I’ll add it.

Spatial Audio with Billie Eillish

The short film shows Billie Eilish walking through rooms full of mirrors, while her others echo her voice.

Spatial Audio offers artists the opportunity to create immersive audio experiences for their fans with multi-dimensional sound and clarity. Apple Music subscribers can also listen to more than 75 million songs on Lossless Audio.

How to master the portrait technique with the iPhone

In a new video, Apple introduces photographer Mark Clennon to teach you how to get the most out of portraits.

The video is hosted by Jahmyra, a creative professional at Apple Brickell City Center in Miami. The video highlights tips and tricks from Mark Clennon, a Harlem-based self-taught photographer known for using an iPhone at work.

Take and edit “Martian” photos (that is, from another world)

A new “Today at Apple” session shared on YouTube explores how to take and edit “otherworldly” photos in night mode with an iPhone, using the advice of photographer Maria Lax and accompanied by Landon, a creative at the Apple Grand store Central, New York.

Film techniques with the iPhone

Apple has published another of its “training” ads, teaching tricks that can be used to achieve unique effects without the need for large amounts of equipment or post-production investment.

It belongs to the series “Shot on iPhone” (Filmed with an iPhone)

“Hello Sunshine”, the Apple Watch 6 as a center of activity and motivation

New announcement of the Apple Watch Series 6 that highlights the health-related features that the device has, such as fitness tracking, various types of workouts, blood oxygen monitoring and fall detection.

“Made in Canada” new announcement of the Behind the Mac series

“Haystack” promotes Find my iPhone using an Apple Watch

Apple has published a new ad called “Haystack” (Bale of straw) in which a rancher uses his Apple Watch to find his iPhone 12 in a pile of straw. The ad makes a visual metaphor for “a needle in a haystack” and uses the song “Searching (For Someone Like You)” by country singer Kitty Wells as the soundtrack.

“In the dark”, promotes the night mode of the iPhone camera

Apple has released the new ad “In the Dark” that focuses on the night mode available on the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

‘Beyond Stereo’ to promote spatial audio

Now that Apple has released spatial audio on iTunes Music, it is promoting it with an ad featuring Masego and Don Toliver’s “Mystery Lady” soundtrack.

iPad Pro to the rhythm of “The Little Mermaid”

Apple is promoting the versatility, portability and power of the new iPad Pro with M1 in a fun musical ad inspired by the song “Part of Your World” by The Little Mermaid.

Rastreado (Tracked)

Apple’s humorous announcement to explain what app tracking is and what the new ATT (Apps Track Transparency) policy that has been implemented in iOS 14.4 does.

The ad song is Delta 5’s Mind Your Own Business

Everyday Experiments: Full Bloom

(Everyday experiments: full bloom)

Time lapse, slow motion and frame-by-frame animation, shot with iPhone 12.

The new iPad Pro

Developers meet the new iPad

Mission: Implausible

Say hello to the new iMac

Anuncios behind the Mac

The music producer FINNEAS, who is the brother of Billie Eilish.

Students reading their acceptance letters at the University

New AirTags

iPhone Purple

IPhone ad “Fumble”

Apple has started running a new ad on the iPhone 12 highlighting the Ceramic Shield display, which is supposed to be tougher than any other smartphone glass display.

In the ad, a woman’s iPhone 12 slips out of her hands and a dance begins trying to prevent the phone from falling, something that inevitably happens. Finally, the device hits the ground with the screen, which generates a feeling of anguish well known to all iPhone users.

“‌IPhone 12‌ with Ceramic Shield. Stronger than any other smartphone glass. Relax, it’s the iPhone ”is the slogan of the video.

All ‌iPhone 12‌ models have OLED screens with Ceramic Shield, which is achieved by inserting nano-ceramic crystals into the glass to increase resistance. Although it may be more resistant to breakage, it is still easy to scratch, so there is still room for improvement.

Anuncio AirPods Pro “Jump”

The ad highlights the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency features.

In the ad, a man wearing AirPods Pro skips rope through town. The song that plays is “Fallin ‘Apart” by Young Franco, and has the slogan “Turn the world into your playground with AirPods Pro” (Turn the world into your playground with ‌AirPods Pro‌).

Apple iPhone 12 Announcement – Cooking

A new ad touting the toughness and durability (even water-tightness) of the iPhone 12, while a guy tries to cook – let’s say he’s having fun in the kitchen.

The slogan is “Stronger than ever.” The song is Naika’s Willow

Shot on iPhone: Nian

Short film (it goes beyond the typical Shot on iPhone), but with a considerable budget, Nian was shot to commemorate the Chinese New Year.

Nian reimagines the legend of a monster that lives in the forest and eats children. And how a girl is not impressed by the story and wants to know the truth.

With a duration of almost twelve minutes, it captures your attention from minute one and leaves you mesmerized staring at the screen.

Directed by American filmmaker Lulu Wang

Behind the scenes “Shot on iPhone”

The video shows four film students reinventing cinema with new ways of filming and drawing on the tradition of classic noir, magical realism, frame-by-frame animation and more.

The videos have been created using the new iPhone 12 and the full movies will be uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel on January 19, January 26 and January 27.

iPhone – Face ID data privacy

Almost abstract ads from Apple

iPhone – privacy with Apple Pay

Another “abstract” ad from Apple. Both ads premiered at CES 2020 to showcase Apple’s commitment to privacy.

iPhone –  Watch – Aluminio

Anuncio navideño HomePod mini: “The magic of mini”

With rapper Tierra Whack

Shot on iPhone 12: Everyday Experiments

Behind the Mac — Greatness

The ad celebrates brilliant minds doing important things using a Mac – Kendrick Lamar, Gloria Steinem, Billie Eilish, RuPaul, Tarana Burke, Spike Lee, Stephen Colbert, Takashi Murakami, and Saul Perlmutter. Everyone in the ad supports – according to Apple –, where new scientists are being trained offering equal access to STEM careers to students of color. Music: ‘Take Back The Power’ by Raury

iPhone 12: Make Movies Like Movie Makers

iPhone 12 Pro: Experiments V: Dark Universe

iPhone 12: we present the iPhone 12

HomePod mini

The new iPad Air

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Apple Ads [Actualizado] – Faq-mac