Dwayne Johnson: ‘The Rock’ Recalls How His Father’s Hard Life Affected His | News | ICON

Dwayne Johnson: ‘The Rock’ Recalls How His Father’s Hard Life Affected His |  News |  ICON

There are few viewers who have not seen a Dwayne Johnson movie, The Rock (Hayward, California, 1972). The former wrestling champion turned actor personifies the 21st century revision of those tough heroes of the eighties cinema with a certain touch of humor: facing voracious dinosaurs, giant orangutans, mega-earthquakes or mega-skyscrapers in flames, the films of The Rock show off a certain self-parodic tone capable of winning the interest of even moviegoers less interested in the genre.

His personal life is usually treated with sympathy by the media: he has hardly been known of scandals, he is married with two children, he is a Democrat and an advocate for various causes (the foundation that bears his name helps children with terminal illnesses). The difficult relationship with his father, who is now known, adds some light to his figure and will probably make the public esteem him even more.

In video, the trailer for ‘Young Rock’, the series about Johnson’s life.

“When my father was 13 years old, his father died and he became the man of the house. On Christmas Day her mother took a drunken boyfriend home and peed on the turkey. Seeing it, my father took a shovel, drew a line in the garden and said, “If you go over this line, I’ll kill you.” The guy replied “Fuck you” and crossed the line. My father hit him on the head with the shovel and knocked him unconscious. The police came and told my grandmother: “When her boyfriend wakes up, they are going to kill each other. They cannot live together… One of the two has to go ”. And my grandmother told my father, who was only 13 years old, that he had to leave home. ” Dwayne Johnson remembered the English edition of the magazine GQ the unstructured life that fell to his father, Rocky Johnson, the first African-American WWE champion, who died in January of last year suddenly.

A life of fighting in and out of the ring

Born in Nova Scotia in 1945, Johnson trained from a young age with figures such as George Foreman and Muhammad Ali and although he began his career in the sixties he did not rise to fame until the eighties thanks to his participation in WWE, initials of World Wrestling Entertainment. He used his fame to fight racism in the world in which he competed and, as he recounted in an interview with thehannivaltv.com, he refused to do some things that he considered “degrading”.

A little Dwayne Johnson next to a photo of his father, Rocky Johnson, in the pages of a wrestling magazine from the 1970s.
A little Dwayne Johnson next to a photo of his father, Rocky Johnson, in the pages of a wrestling magazine from the 1970s.Octavio Jones / Cordon Press

“I was stubborn,” he declared. “They wanted to whip me on television, like they used to do with slaves and all that. I said no. I entered as an athlete and I will leave as an athlete. And I think they respected me for that. ” But until that moment of glory, Rocky’s life was not easy.

His son, who would end up being a world celebrity and star of films like Baywatch: Baywatch and Jumanji, he long blamed his father for the precariousness in which he grew up. Rocky Johnson spent much of his life lurching professionally that led to his family being evicted when Dwayne was 14 years old.

“Writing a series about certain episodes in my life was very difficult. The relationship I had with my father was incredibly complicated. You can say that ours was a tough love, “Johnson confessed a few days ago to the magazine People. NBC will be in charge of broadcasting Young Rock, the series that will show how the actor’s childhood and adolescence were, as well as his path to success. This audiovisual work, created by Nahnatchka Khan, has helped The Rock to see in a more friendly way their relationship with Rocky. “In some ways it has allowed me to appreciate difficult times much more. Today I can draw many positive lessons from everything that happened ”.

“If a door closed, a window did not open”

What Johnson seeks with this project is to help those fans who have also experienced difficult family moments. Today he sincerely believes that his father would be proud to see on screen what their lives were like. “He would have loved to see in prime time a series that shows what life was like for those men of the seventies and eighties who gave their lives in WWE,” he said in the same interview to People.

Father and son did not always understand each other, but when the actor left wrestling and had his own children, he found a certain connection with his father. “At that moment I began to feel more identified with my father,” he also assured GQ. The frustration he felt for years due to the lack of communication with his father led him to create the program The Hero to help people who – like him – hated his life to pursue their happiness. “I grew up in a place where if a door closed, no window would open. There were only small gaps and I did whatever it took to sneak through those gaps: scratch, slit, bite, push, bleed. Now my chance has come. The door has been opened and it is as big as a garage ”.

When Rocky Johnson passed away in January 2020, The Rock publicly showed the pain that this loss caused him and the love he felt above all for the man who gave him life. “I’m suffering. But we both know it’s just pain and it will pass. I will carry your work ethic with me, because I have to move on, take care of my family, and work towards it. I wish your pioneer soul rest in peace, Soulman [el apodo de su padre en el ring]. You lived a very complete, very hard life, you broke barriers and gave it your all in the ring. I love you dad. I will always be proud and grateful, “he wrote by way of farewell on his Instagram profile.

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Dwayne Johnson: ‘The Rock’ Recalls How His Father’s Hard Life Affected His | News | ICON