Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson Could Run For US President

Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson Could Run For US President

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johson, the highest paid actor in the world according to Forbes, plays to run as possible president of the United States in the elections of 2024. It is not a fantasy but something plausible: Ronald Reagan was a much less well-known actor when he conquered the White House in 1981 and Arnold Schwarzenegger parked his career to be governor from California in 2003. The last clue was given by himself on his Instagram profile by sharing a screenshot of a magazine survey Newsweek, according to which 46% of Americans would support his candidacy.

And we say “play”, because he does not reveal his cards but neither does he deny wanting to sit at the table: “Humbly … I don’t think our Founding Fathers EVER imagined a six-by-four boy, bald, tattooed, half black and half Samoan , who drinks tequila, drives a truck and wears a fanny pack joining his club, but if it ever happens, I would be honored to serve you people. ”

The actor has acknowledged in an interview that he has seriously considered his candidacy./ AFP)

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According to some media, there is a lot of sincerity in statements like this. In fact, in 2018, on Stephen Colbert’s ‘The Late Show’, the actor confessed on set that he had seriously thought about applying after reading an article in The Washington Post that would be a good candidate.

On June 5 of last year, The Rock was ranked among the three candidates with the best chance of reaching the US presidency, according to the results of a gigantic online bet. The monologue that the actor uploaded to Instagram two days before in defense of the ill-fated George Floyd, appealing to social justice, against police violence and charging against President Trump was definitive: “EE. America is crippled and lacking in leadership, “bellowed Johnson So shocking was it that CNN headlined:” The Rock just gave a more presidential speech than Trump. “

His sympathy is for the Democratic Party, although the first to covet it were the Republicans: in 2000, the then WWE wrestler was invited to the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, where he coincided with Gerald Ford and Nancy Reagan and close people to the show, like Ben Stein, Bo Derek and Bruce Willis.

However, even in the upcoming 2016 elections, he did not show public support for either party. He waited for last November: “In this critical election, I believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best to lead our country, and as my first (public) presidential endorsement, I proudly endorse them for the presidential office of our United States. “.

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Image from ‘Hercules’, starring Dwayne Johnson and directed by Brett Ratner.

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The Rock has 228 million followers on Instagram, a number equivalent to the population of Pakistan and greater than that of Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico and the Philippines, to make a comparison, and one hundred million of the United States itself. Let’s think for a moment what would happen if only half of your voting supporters decided to offer you their trust. Joe Biden won with 74.9 million ballots.

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Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson Could Run For US President