Elvis Presley’s Madison Square Garden Jumpsuit Allegedly Gets $ 1MM – EzAnime.net

Elvis Presley’s Madison Square Garden Jumpsuit Allegedly Gets $ 1MM – EzAnime.net

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A jumpsuit and cape worn by Elvis Presley have sold for a staggering $ 1,012,500 at auction, Los Angeles-based GWS Auctions revealed.

GWS Auctions took to social media to announce the “record” sum that a buyer (or buyers) submitted for the matching jumpsuit and cape, which were listed and sold separately. The King of Rock and Roll donned the costumes, conceived by costume designer Bill Belew, for his famous performances at Madison Square Garden in 1972, and in addition to making stage costumes for Ella Fitzgerald and Dionne Warwick, Belew was in charge. of Elvis’s entire wardrobe (including the Mississippi-born artist’s attire on and off the stage) for nearly a decade, until the 1977 death of the “Jailhouse Rock” singer.

The million-dollar kit had “been in a private collection for more than 30 years prior to auction,” according to GWS, and at the time of this piece’s publication, the identity of the winning bidder (or bidders) did not appear. have been publicly disclosed. It’s also worth mentioning that the listings in question ended on Saturday morning (the social media post promoting the sale price was posted yesterday afternoon) and shows a “current offer” of just $ 510,000 for the monkey. and $ 300,000 for the cape.

It is unclear if GWS staff has yet to update the website to reflect the actual higher bids (apparently due to Monday’s holiday) or if one of the sales fell through. However, the listings also emphasize that “everything MUST be paid in full with [sic] 48 hours after the end of the auction ”, and having concluded these auctions on Saturday, once again, it is logical that GWS would have waited until the payments were cleared before revealing the sale price on social media.

Regardless, the jumpsuit and cape were just a few of the Elvis items that GWS made available to buyers, and the auctions appeared to coincide with last month’s Elvis Week 2021, which 76-year-old Priscilla Presley indicated. that “ended too soon. »

A “private lunch” with Priscilla Presley (benefiting the Dream Foundation) received an offer for $ 25,000, for example, while Elvis’s “personally owned” Bible raised $ 9,000, according to the GWS website. Also sold as part of the comprehensive auction were Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas racing helmet (bidding $ 19,000 final), a $ 1 bill signed by Elvis and Johnny Cash (bidding over $ 3,500), and even a jar of Elvis’ hair (13 offers brought the asking price to $ 58,000), including “extensive documentation,” according to online listings on GWS.

In a testament to the bidders’ decidedly specific tastes, and as a result of a potentially delayed sale price and an update on auction status due to the holidays, as mentioned, several other unique Elvis Presley items failed to find a buyer, the GWS website currently shows.

Among these possibly unsold collectibles are the guitar that Elvis played in 1966 with Frankie and Johnny (the supply increase was set at $ 2,500) and a “Standard Uniform Folk Songwriters Contract” that the lead singer of “Can’t Help Falling in Love »signed in 1956. (with a bid increase of $ 100). However, Elvis’ Frankie and Johnny’s “tails” tuxedo sold for $ 60,000, the auction house’s online platform shows.

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Elvis Presley’s Madison Square Garden Jumpsuit Allegedly Gets $ 1MM – EzAnime.net