Green Day: 10 years ago, Billie Joe Armstrong was unfairly thrown from a plane because of his sagging pants | LOS40 Classic

Green Day: 10 years ago, Billie Joe Armstrong was unfairly thrown from a plane because of his sagging pants |  LOS40 Classic

It is a decade since an incident that might seem inconsequential, but that in its day there was no international media that did not pick it up on its pages. The singer of Green Day got kicked out of a plane for wearing sagging pants. It is not a joke. It was an unfair decision for which Southwest Airlines was forced to apologize. However, it is not the only mishap that the charismatic Billie Joe Armstrong has had at the cost of his pants. On other occasions a Jim Morrison: they have been really downloaded and has shown his butt to the public. And for this he has earned a reprimand from his mother or an arrest.

“Pull up your pants”

The September 1, 2011Billie was on board a Southwest Airlines plane, about to take her flight from Oakland to Burkank, California. “All the passengers were seated, ready to go, they had already told us to turn off our mobile phones,” recalled television producer Cindy Qiu, who was there at the time. “A stewardess approached him – she was placing her bag in the overhead compartment – and said ‘pull up your pants’. He replied “Don’t you have better things to do than worry about it?”

The flight attendant did not give up in her efforts and repeated her request in addition to threatening Armstrong with throwing him off the plane if he did not obey. The singer replied “I’m just trying to get to my fucking seat.” Of course, he did not agree to pull up his pants. Next, Billie Joe and the person who accompanied him, were expelled from the plane.

“I just got kicked off a flight! … What the hell?”

Armstrong didn’t waste a minute typing 140 characters of fury via Twitter“I just got kicked off a Southwest flight because my sagging pants were too low! What the hell? I’m not kidding!” The tweet was quickly retweeted by his followers:

When the company realized what was coming, it immediately sent its own tweet assuring that its relationship with the client had been one of “closeness”. A spokesperson announced that Southwest had apologized to the singer, who had decided to board the next available flight to Los Angeles: “From our last conversation, we understand that the customer’s situation has been resolved satisfactorily.”

The reprimand of Mrs. Jackson

While this undeserved grievance towards Billie Joe Armstrong was successfully resolved, it did not on other occasions. And is that the leader of Green Day likes to ‘play’ with his jeans, provoke … become the odd ‘Jim Morrison’ lowering his pants in front of the audience.

Green Day’s performance at Woodstock 1994 has gone down in history. It is one of the most iconic of the punk rock band. At that concert, which ended with a gigantic mud battle between the crowd and the band, Billie Joe dropped his pants in front of tens of thousands of people that crowded Winston Farm.

Soon after, Billie received a letter from her mother, Ollie Jackson: “It was a hate letter,” Armstrong said in Rolling Stone magazine. “He told me that I was disrespectful and indecent and that if my father lived, he would have been ashamed of me. He couldn’t believe I would have dropped my pants and participated in that battle on stage.”

Arrested because he “showed his buttocks to the public”

One year later, Billie repeated her pants drop during a performance in Milwaukee. The only difference is that he was arrested.

It happened on November 21, 1995 at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In full concert, Billie Joe showed his butt to the 6,000 fans that filled the venue. When the show ended, the police officers were waiting for him and took him to the police station. “Mr. Armstrong pulled his pants down to his knees and showed his buttocks to the public”a police spokesman said. “After the concert, he was arrested and fined for indecent exposure. He posted bail ($ 141) and left.”

Billie and her pants

But there are more anecdotes about Billie and her pants. In an interview published by Ultimate Guitar, guitarist Greg Howard recalls that while on tour with Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong “took off his jeans at a show.”

“We were participating in a big outdoor festival and there was no changing booth, so while a couple of us were holding towels up, the girl in the closet helped him remove his sweaty pants in a minute, like it was a stop of a Formula 1 driver! “

In Billie Joe Armstrong’s list of featured quotes and phrases (be they ridiculous, funny, profound, or weird) there is one that recurs: “I keep putting on the pants I wore in high school.”

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Green Day: 10 years ago, Billie Joe Armstrong was unfairly thrown from a plane because of his sagging pants | LOS40 Classic