houses, copyrights and even an airport

houses, copyrights and even an airport

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Remains Julio Iglesias for a while. This has been confirmed by the singer himself this week to Jaime Peñafiel after a phone call. “I’m neither sick nor in Punta Cana, but in the Bahamas. I feel better than ever. And also very happy. Miranda and the girls Victoria and Cristina have just arrived from Spain. What more could I wish for?” the journalist in El Mundo in a quotation mark that makes it clear that the artist is in top form.

To make it even more clear, the interpreter of From girl to woman wanted to add a resounding: “Those who are waiting for my death to inherit, which is all they want, to keep waiting.”

But, How high and what does that heritage that Julio talks about includes?

He has been on stage for five decades and at almost 78 years old (He will meet them on September 23) can boast of having achieved everything in his career and in his life. If we talk about achievements, you have fulfilled any dream you might have had.

In 1983 he was recognized as the artist who has sold the most records in the most languages ​​in the world, and in 2013 as the Latin artist who has sold the most records in history.He is one of the ten largest record sellers in the world (more than 300 million) of his 80 albums released worldwide in 14 languages. He has given more than 5,000 concerts and has performed for more than 60 million people on five continents and has won Grammys, Grammys Latino, Billboards, American Music Awards and the Premio Lo Nuestro, among other awards. His success and worldwide fame have led to a day with his name in Miami, on September 8, and of course he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With this professional backpack behind him and a great job during these fifty years it is obvious that Julio Iglesias has amassed a great fortune that in 2020 led him to occupy the 70th position of the richest men in Spain. According to Forbes magazine, the singer would have amassed a fortune of about 850 million euros in 2018, which today could have reached almost a billion euros. Almost nothing.

All this pile of euros has been generated not only thanks to his music, but also to good deals and real estate investments in various parts of the planet.

MARBELLA, SPAIN – JULY 05: Julio Iglesias’s wife Miranda Rijnsburger and her twin-daughters are seen on July 5, 2014 in Marbella, Spain. (Photo by Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Three mansions and an island in the Bahamas

Without a doubt, their properties are the largest part of the inheritance that one day, in a few years, their eight children will receive. One of his great investments has been made in his country, Spain, which he loves above any other place in the world. It is about the farm that the singer owns in Marbella.

La Cuatro Lunas, an incredible villa located in Ojén, in the heart of the mountains and with spectacular views of the sea, was bought more than two decades ago from the bullfighter Curro Romero And there he has spent summer vacations with Miranda Rijnsburger and their five children together for twenty years, although he has not come for two due to the pandemic.

The farm has 450 hectares of land and up to three houses attached (the Lake, the Huerta and another for guests) to the main house, which among other things has a 400 square meter suite with terrace and views of the sea and the Mountain.

The main house has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Inside there is a recording studio, a huge cellar that houses up to 2,000 bottles of Vega Sicily, one of the best and most expensive wines in Spain of which he is a fan Churches, stables and a riding hall for horseback riding (the favorite hobby of Miranda and his twin daughters), a couple of organic gardens, a huge cork oak forest and even a chapel where Julio and Miranda were married in 2010.

Of course, there are two helipads on the farm so that family and friends can arrive with the utmost discretion. At the same time, July It also has about 10 hectares of land adjacent to this house in order to preserve its privacy. The price of his farm could amount to around 145 million euros if it were put up for sale today.

And from Spain to Dominican Republic, his second paradise and one of the places where he now spends more time. Julio got to know this country well thanks to his close friend the designer Oscar de la Renta and he fell in love with that land and its people.

There he bought a mansion for about 24 million dollars, which in 1999 he had to rebuild after a terrible hurricane. The town, built on a sea of ​​coral, cannot be seen either by sea or by land thanks to the great vegetation that surrounds it and, according to ¡Hola !, it is unique in the world due to the fact that three cultures converge in it: the Balinese, the Antillean and the Spanish.

It has a large private beach where last year Julio was photographed coming out of the water with some small difficulty that he clarified was due to a fall. In the Dominican Republic he rode the Punta Cana Group Together with a couple of partners (among whom was one of the richest men in the country) and, among other properties, they acquired the local airport, two golf courses, several urbanizations and several resorts. After the death of his friend De la Renta in 2014, the artist sold his stake for about 250 million euros and only kept five percent of the airport, according to ABC.

In recent months, with the arrival of Donald Trump and his family in Florida, there has been much talk of Iglesias’ properties in Miami, his base to travel during his most prolific years in terms of concerts. Isabel Preysler’s ex-husband’s mansion is located in Indian Creek, the most luxurious area of Florida and in which barely 30 billionaires live like the model Adriana Lima. The house cost him about 15 million euros (today they are sold for a minimum of 20 million). With 3 hectares of land, it has four independent houses, a dream garden and swimming pool.

But in addition to his villa, Julio acquired some more parcels with a current value of about 150 million on this island north of Miami that is a haven of peace and security 24 hours a day. One of those lots of parcels was sold to Ivanka Trump at the end of 2020 for about 30 million. There are still three other lots left in the area: numbers 5, 6 and 7 which, together with the space already sold, totaled about 30,000 square meters. Her five youngest children spend a lot of time here (the twins usually pose in their wonderful pool and then upload the photos to Instagram) and Miranda lives most of the year.

Julio Iglesias has said this week that he is calm in your Bahamas home, where he not only owns a villa but also owns one of the 700 islands that make up the archipelago. It has as neighbors artists like Johnny Depp or Lenny Kravitz, who also own an island in the area.

The price of this house is unknown but it is one of the most exclusive areas in the world, with some luxury resorts (in the Atlantis Paradise there is one of the most expensive suites on the planet where Michael Jackson stayed for years) and famous people seek maximum tranquility in them.

Business and copyright

To these real estate investments, we must add others made by the singer: he has a chain of restaurants, a brand of vodka, a cosmetics line, a sparkling wine cellars In which it invested 30 million euros and a private plane also valued at 35 million euros, according to the newspaper Clarín. To this is added the copyright for his songs and, although in recent years his production has declined, it is said that every three seconds one of his songs is played in the world. With sales of more than 300 million records since he began in the world of music, Julio could have earned only in 2019 about 70 million euros, according to the publication People With Money, which Vanitatis collects.

Inheritance to be distributed among your 8 (or 9) children

Thus, the day Julio has to distribute his inheritance, his eight children will receive all that he has generated. What we still need to know is what will happen to Javier Sánchez, the supposed son of the singer who has been claiming his paternity in court for several decades. According to Spanish law, “the inheritance is divided into three thirds. The first is the legitimate one, which is divided between the forced heirs (In the case of Julio it would be 9 if the court ruling finally determines that Javier is); one of improvement, which is usually distributed among all the children, and one of free disposition, which is fixed in the will, that we do not know if Julio has it or not. Then, in addition, it would be necessary to see if the singer has a profit regime or not. In that case, 50% of what he has earned since they were married would correspond to his wife, Miranda, except for what Julio may have received from an inheritance. For example, his father’s. That would be excluded, “explained Sánchez’s lawyer in 2020 to the Vanitatis portal.


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houses, copyrights and even an airport