Johnny Depp resurfaces but not as we would have expected

Johnny Depp resurfaces but not as we would have expected

Large film projects have been out of reach for some time now. Johnny Depp. The accusations of Amber Heard domestic violence and the sentence of a British judge approving that a tabloid branded him a “wife beater”, squandered what was one of the most successful careers in Hollywood during the 90s and 2000s, seeing himself away from important sagas such as Fantastic Animals O Pirates of the Caribbean, and losing the reputation that preceded it.

However, Depp still has projects to subsist on, even if it is far from the cinema. As is the case with its collaboration with Dior with which it has resurfaced with an unexpected series of videos.

Johnny Depp posing for the media at the Gala For Planetary Health in 2020 (Photo: SC Pool – Corbis / Corbis / Getty Images)

For several years Johnny Depp has been the main image of Savage, a masculine perfume by Dior that carries the figure of the actor as a selling point. Despite all the controversies that have surrounded him, from the brand they have not backed down in breaking their contract with the interpreter, now relying on him to star a set of conversational videos on Youtube.

The videos in question are about conversations between Johnny Depp and François Demachy, head of Dior and its Sauvage fragrance. As the first one already published shows, both exchange words about their artistic inspirations, and while Demachy highlights the virtues of his perfumes, the Dior brand and his creative process, Depp even dares to show his skills with the guitar while talking about his facet as a musician.

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This series, which plans to continue publishing more similar videos in the future with Johnny Depp, has generated the praise of the actor’s fans, who have filled the networks with the hashtag #ThankYouDior thanking the brand to have the controversial actor in these low hours of his career.

“I just saw @Dior’s new clip with #JohnnyDepp and I just wanted to say a huge #thankyoudior for supporting Johnny and not making cases of what the media is trying to make us believe, but believing the evidence. You have chosen the path. Correct thanks” O The gorgeous @dior once again shows the world that they stand next to an innocent survivor of domestic abuse. While other ‘so-called’ companies fired Johnny for being a victim and hired a self-confessed abuser, @dior continued their support! “are some of the many comments that can be read on Twitter.

Anyway, it is undoubtedly a comeback that seems a long way from the privileged position he enjoyed in the film industry earning eight-figure salaries, triumphing as the chameleon that reigned at the box office.

And is that Depp currently has no film projects in sight. His last performance was in The Minamata Photographer, an independent film that premiered in Spain last April and did not captivate either the public or the critics. To be more specific, it raised a poor € 73,685 and barely managed to gather 13,366 viewers in Spanish cinemas, being preceded by a low score from the international media, as can be seen from the 51/100 available on websites such as Metacritic.

Nor did he excel in previous projects of a more academic nature with which he tried to restore his prestige. It was the case of Waiting for the Barbarians Oscar nominee Ciro Guerra, where he shared the screen with Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson and barely stood out from the cold reception this project got. However, in commercial cinema he was able to obtain several successes in recent years, as happened with Fantastic Animals, Murder on the Orient Express or the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Although Hollywood does not seem to intend to have Depp again in the short term, especially considering his forced march in the Harry Potter spin-off or the Jack Sparrow saga.

Depp was accused by Amber Heard of domestic violence in 2016, a fact that It was already ratified by the courts when the actor lost his trial with The Sun in which he alleged that the British tabloid had called him “Hit handcuffs” without foundation. The actor’s fans rely on some supposed leaked audios of Heard to turn the guilt towards the Aquaman interpreter, some recordings where the actress would admit to having been violent with Depp. There is currently a second trial waiting to be held, in this case in the US, where the actor directly sued his ex-wife for defamation through a column he wrote in The Washington Post confessing being a victim of domestic violence.

A) Yes, Johnny Depp has no choice but to hang on to his advertising contracts in order to survive, as is the case with Dior. Although it is surprising that a reputed perfume brand risks keeping such a controversial figure as an image, especially considering that in 2019 it was already forced to withdraw an ad with Depp after being accused of racism due to stereotypes about Native Americans.

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Johnny Depp resurfaces but not as we would have expected