Johnny Depp’s lawyers believe he didn’t get a fair trial

Johnny Depp’s lawyers believe he didn’t get a fair trial

Jonny Depp’s court battle against the British tabloid The Sun For describing him in an article as a “woman abuser” he has not reported any victory to the actor, but his team of lawyers is not resigned. After having lost the appeal last November when he did not consider that he would have the possibility of having a different result. It is not what the defense, led by David Sherborne, thinks that has decided to exhaust all their appeal options and have now raised that the trial has not been “fair” and therefore they ask that it be repeated, as reported The Guardian.

Johnny Depp loses the lawsuit against the newspaper that described him as an ‘abuser’

As his lawyers have transmitted to the Court of Appeal, Depp “did not receive a fair trial” and the judgment of the High Court of London that determined that the testimony of his ex-wife, Amber Heard, was true when he said that the actor had put his Life in danger is “completely untrue”. Lto protagonist of Aquaman corroborated the mistreatment that The Sun had detailed in the article for which Johnny Depp sued the newspaper, and the judge agreed with him. For its part, he has denied the accusations at all times and even claimed that it was his then wife who had violent behavior against him. On the last day of the trial, when Heard tearfully reaffirmed her version, the actor described her as “an unbelievable witness” and “a compulsive liar.”


Amber Heard’s tears at the end of Johnny Depp’s trial

The litigation began two years ago when the 57-year-old interpreter denounced the publisher that owns The Sun, News Group Newspapers (NGN) and its CEO, Dan Wootton, for defamation after publishing an article in 2018 referring to him as “a violent monster” and a “female abuser”. The article, which was titled ‘How can JK Rowling be happy casting a female abuser like Johnny Depp for her new movie Fantastic Beasts?’, presented as a proven fact that he beat his ex-wife. At the trial, the American actress and model detailed as the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean he hit her up to 14 times giving very graphic details.

When Depp announced his appeal decision, he also announced that he was abandoning the role of Grindelwald in JK Rowling’s magical universe at the request of the production company, Warner Bros. In the meantime, he continues his crusade against the publishing group. “My intention remains strong and I intend to show that the allegations against me are false. My life and my career will not be defined by this particular moment,” he recently declared. While this judgment continues, the next battle is expected to begin in January in the United States, as the actor has sued Heard for defamation. He asks for 42 million euros for an article he wrote in 2018 in The Washington Post in which she defined herself as a survivor of domestic violence, although she did not name her ex-husband.

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Johnny Depp’s lawyers believe he didn’t get a fair trial