M. Night Shyamalan still defends the ending of “Glass”

M. Night Shyamalan still defends the ending of “Glass”

Due to his track record as a filmmaker, concentrating primarily on supernatural thrillers, one would never expect one of the best analyzes of the superhero myth in comics to be done by M. Night Shyamalan, a filmmaker whose stormy relationship with specialized critics is already part of his reputation.

In the year 2000, long before DC Comics and Marvel will even think about moving their franchises to the cinema on a regular basis, “Unbreakable”Presented the story of David Dunn, interpreted by Bruce Willis. A man who has been the only survivor in a train accident without any injury, leading a mysterious man with brittle bones to think that he is destined to be a superhero.

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Like many superhero characters, Dunn It has a specific element that makes it vulnerable to its enemies. In his case it would be the water, which (spoiler alert), would lead him to be killed in “Glass“, Tape that completes the trilogy also composed by”Split“, starring James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy.

The end of Dunn in the story, which would come before his expected confrontation with “The Beast”, it would not have been completely to the liking of many of the viewers during its premiere, who described this conclusion as “anticlimactic”. However, it would be the same Shyamalan who assured that his intention was to refer to the Greek myth of Achilles.

“Well, in the end the simplest thing can eliminate the strongest person,” the filmmaker would comment in a recent conversation with Uproxx. “It’s more like the Achilles heel, in the myth about it. You don’t need an army to finish off the strongest man if you know his weaknesses ”.

On “Glass”, Shyamalan seems to be building the perfect setting to carry out a great confrontation between hero and villain in the purest style of the comics of the bronze age, playing with the expectations of the viewer and resulting in a kind of deconstruction on these stories.

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Needless to say, the filmmaker’s career has remained a roller coaster of successes and failures. “The Sixth Sense“Would have put him on the map after his multiple Oscar nominations. Tapes like “The Happening”, “The Last Airbender” O “After EarthThey would not help improve his reputation, although they would not damage it to the point of keeping him completely away from redemption in the face of criticism.

After the surprising positive results with “The Visit“In 2015 and”Split” In 2017, Shyamalan has managed to return to the list of favorites among many moviegoers and casual viewers of his work. He currently works as an executive producer on “Servant”, Whose second season is now available on Apple TV+.


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M. Night Shyamalan still defends the ending of “Glass”