Marvel | Tom Holland: Girlfriend List and NONE is Zendaya | Spoiler

Marvel |  Tom Holland: Girlfriend List and NONE is Zendaya |  Spoiler

Despite starting her acting career at a very young age, Tom Holland He learned what international fame entails at age 19 when he arrived at Marvel Studios to play Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman. Thus, not only did he establish himself as one of the youngest artists in the franchise, but he also proved himself capable of sharing the set with stars such as Robert Downey Jr or Chris Evans.

That is why, to this day, Tom Holland has two movies in the MCU as a lead and, next December 17 will premiere the closing of this trilogy, Spiderman: no way home. Also, will Zendaya, the former Disney star with whom the British shared the screen during the first two parts of Spiderman and who will return to the latter in his role as MJ.

Tom Holland y Zendaya. Foto: (IMDB)

However, just as it happened in each release year of a new feature film of the superhero in the red suit, the actors are once again involved in rumors of romance. Beyond the fact that on more than one occasion both Holland and Zendaya denied being more than friends, fans continue to disbelieve them due to the undeniable chemistry they transmit on screen and even off it.

Tom Holland and Zendaya.  Photo: (Getty)

Tom Holland and Zendaya. Photo: (Getty)

However, there is a test that confirms what the interpreters say: they have nothing but great friendship. It is that, throughout their careers, both one and the other have had their partners and, from Spoiler, we reveal who were the girls who fell in love with Tom Holland.

The 3 girls who fell in love with Tom Holland:

1. Ellicia Lotherington:

Many believe that Ellicia was Holland’s first love, who had had other fleeting relationships before her, but this film director was the couple that lasted the longest. For three years they were both seen together, but it seems that the British pressure to be Spiderman ended the relationship. The cause of their separation is not confirmed, but it occurred just when he entered the Marvel Universe.

Ellicia and Tom Holland.  Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

Ellicia and Tom Holland. Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

2. Ella Purnell:

Not much information is known about the relationship between Tom and Ella since, during their love affair, they tried not to show themselves much in public. Since 2017, when the rumors of their romance began, the only time they were caught on camera was during a party and leaving it together.

Ella Purnell. Foto: (Getty)

Ella Purnell. Foto: (Getty)

3. Nadia Parkes:

It is known that Tom Holland he is usually very secretive when it comes to his private life, especially about his dating and relationships. But, a photo he published on his Instagram of the young actress began to raise suspicions about their relationship and even many media assured that last year they went through the quarantine together.


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Marvel | Tom Holland: Girlfriend List and NONE is Zendaya | Spoiler