“My husband will not return to politics because he does not want a divorce”

“My husband will not return to politics because he does not want a divorce”

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Carla Bruni (53 years) has become the great support for her husband, Nicolas sarkozy (66), after a three-year prison sentence for corruption and influence peddling. She has been unconditionally by his side, as could be seen in December 2020, when Bruni accompanied Sarkozy to one of the trial sessions. Then, and as a strong declaration of intentions, posted on his Instagram a text that read: “Stand by my man.” Or what is the same: “I support my man.”

Now, Carla Bruni has been interviewed exclusively by the publication Vanity Fair, where the singer-songwriter makes an extensive review of her life and her vital journey, which has led her to be a supermodel in the eighties, an internationally successful singer in the late nineties and First Lady of France from 2008 to 2012. The judicial news of her husband occupies part of the interview. Bruni speaks, from love, and explains why he published that Stand by my man, alluding to the classic Stand By Your Man of the country singer Tammy Wynette, which Bruni included on his previous album.

Bruni and her husband in a file image.


“Well, maybe it’s not a very feminist song, at least as feminism is understood today, in such a militant way. But I still like to support my man … And you know what? That my man too it does. It is an exchange. My man takes care of me. If I have a problem, he is there. All the time. It’s something mutual. “They have and lean on each other, against all swell. Carla confesses and admits that he has advised her not to return to politics.

He categorically denies the return of Nicolas. “My husband will not return to politics because he does not want a divorce”, reveals. “He’s very much in love, so I would have to switch to someone else (laughs). No, no, no, no more politics, it’s over! Not only because of me but because my husband who, in my opinion, has been the best president we have had in years, he was not reelected. And this is a democracy, so it’s over. No no no! He will not return to politics, “he insists.

The couple, very smiling, in September 2019.

The couple, very smiling, in September 2019.


And he praises himself by explaining what Nicolas’ new life is like: “He is a man of action. Has a new job, my husband is a lawyer, and is working a lot. People from all over the world come to Paris to ask him for advice. For the first time in his life he is making some money, because as you know, politicians do not usually do very well in that regard. We have five children, three grandchildren, we are happy. We don’t want more politics … He is in another stage of his life and he is happy“, ditch Bruni.

Bruni: career and confessions

In October 2020, Carla Bruni was interviewed by Pablo Motos (55) in The Hormiguero. There he talked about the launch of his new studio album. Carla revealed that she had given her name to the new album because “it is actually an album that I have very close to, like everyone else, I write the lyrics and I hadn’t found a title. “In all her answers, she didn’t lose her smile, which led Pablo Motos to ask what a happy day is like for her:” When it’s sunny and I’m with my family. Sometimes there are things in life that isolate us from the people we love. ”

Continuing with her personal side, the transalpine singer said that her favorite dish is spaghetti and that the famous person she would invite to join her at the table would be Nelson Mandela. Motos also wanted to investigate some aspects of the intimate life of the guest and her husband. “You compose at night because the house is silent, What time does Mr Sarkozy go to bed?. In his first attempt, the presenter only found an evasion: “I start work between ten and 12 at night, but I like the mystery and the silence of the night, there is something secret, magical. That’s when I can concentrate on my study, the children are asleep and I can now dedicate myself to composing with ease “.

Pablo Motos and Carla Bruni this Monday night at 'El Hormiguero'.

Pablo Motos and Carla Bruni this Monday night at ‘El Hormiguero’.


Before trying again, Motos invited Carla Bruni to remember her childhood. “My first song was about the tragic separation of one shoe and another, their life was meaningless. It is always the same story, even for the shoes,” he commented with a laugh. One of the personal secrets of the Italian singer is that she has been psychoanalyzed for 14 years, which led Pablo Motos to ask what she wanted to know about herself. “It is not made just to know yourself, but not to spoil your life. There are depressive temperaments, it is not my case, but yes I am anxious. These temperaments are calmed by psychoanalysis. Never before has the human species had such a regard for its soul. Very comforting“, he deepened.

The presenter of The Hormiguero returned to the load: “During your life you have been a top-model, singer or First Lady, in which one have you had to pretend more? “. Bruni got out of the quagmire gracefully: “I wouldn’t say that when you have a public image you have to pretend, but you do a little. You don’t feel like you are, we pretend a kind of character that helps us “. With that little loophole, Motos was emboldened and asked if her husband consulted political matters when he was president: “Good thing no. There are decisions, such as the state of the economy, in the that it would be a disaster, there would be a bankruptcy. I am incapable of doing anything other than music. My husband was very protective of me. ”

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“My husband will not return to politics because he does not want a divorce”