Nick Cave tells the story that unites him with Nick Drake and Nico from Velvet Underground

Nick Cave tells the story that unites him with Nick Drake and Nico from Velvet Underground

Taking advantage of the questions from two fans on your website, Red Hand Flies, Nick Cave has explained with hair and signs the story he shares with Nick Drake and Nico from Velvet Underground.

Raghav, a user from India, pointed out that he had always felt that there was some kind of relationship between Nick Cave and Nick Drake, beyond the name, while Pamela, from Los Angeles, asked him if he ever met a hero who did not dependent. Cave joined both contributions in the same answer, in which he told the story that unites him with Nick Drake and Nico.

The story began in Portobello Road, in London, early 80’s, where he was approached by a man who wanted to take a picture of him. “He gave me his address and told me to come to his apartment the next day. This was before I developed an acute aversion to having my picture taken, and when I was dumb enough to think that going to a stranger’s apartment to have my picture taken might be a good idea. Anyway, the next day I went to his house, somewhere in Ladbroke Grove, ”he says.

“Inside the apartment, the photographer told me that he had to set up his camera and asked me to sit and wait on a small sofa in the middle of his rather dark living room. I remember there was an eerie atmosphere in the room, heavy and strange, but I sat down anyway. After a while, I felt a presence behind me, when someone entered the room, they walked slowly around the sofa and then very carefully sat down next to me. “

“It took me a moment to realize that this person, this woman, was the singer, Nico,” adds Cave, who then considered Nico a hero for being part of Velvet Underground and having released great solo albums. “She was there beside me, sitting very still, wearing knee-high green rubber boots.” The artist explains that the singer did not say anything at first, but that she finally turned “slowly” towards him and said “very deliberately, with his heavy German accent” that she knew someone like Cave.

“He was a singer and his name was Nick,” Nico said. “Well, that’s strange, because I’m a singer and my name is Nick,” answered Cave, to which the artist replied that she knew it and was quiet for a while before saying: “He died”, and added “Killed by his own hand”. “Well that’s where we diverged,” Cave pointed out. “She turned to me and after a long moment said, ‘Really? That’s what you think, ‘”Cave writes, adding that then she got up and left the room in slow motion.

“The way the photographer took pictures was that you looked at yourself in a mirror, in this case, the bathroom mirror, and he would photograph your reflection,” says Cave. “While I was fixing my face, there in the mirror, from the end of the hall behind me, Nico appeared, like an apparition, standing very still and looking at himself in the mirror. The photographer took the photo and I said, ‘I want that one.’

Cave explains that he cannot remember what happened to the photos and that he is not even sure he ever saw them. But, thinking about the mirror photograph with Nico today, Cave says that “he would surely love that photograph.”

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Nick Cave tells the story that unites him with Nick Drake and Nico from Velvet Underground