Our Favorite Artists and Their Cameos on The Simpsons – Rock & Pop

Our Favorite Artists and Their Cameos on The Simpsons – Rock & Pop

We openly declare ourselves fans of The Simpsons and we have to admit that the quarantine has given us the possibility to see our favorite episodes again. Taking advantage of that, we made a list of our favorite artists who have appeared, and while it is a long list this is only the tip of the iceberg of all the celebrities who have participated.

From the brief cameo to the invitation

Some have interpreted themselves as Jack y Meg White, who meet Bart while playing «The hardest button to button», but others have appeared without performing music, such as Paul and Linda McCartney. The latter focused much more on talking about vegetarianism and a bit of their friendship with Apu. It’s more, Johnny Cash he lent his voice to a coyote on Homer’s mystical journey, but during the episode it is not revealed who he is.

In addition, the series has been characterized by including various musical numbers, some short and others long-term. Some of them are even completely dubbed into Spanish, which is a great job for translators and dubbing artists. Let’s go over the list of our beloved artists on The Simpsons:

In the classic seasons

  • 1.Season 2, Episode 18—Ringo Starr: «Brush With Greatness» o «Pinceles con alma».
  • 2.Season 3, Episode 10—Aerosmith: “Flaming Moe’s” or “Flame Moe.”
  • 3.Season 3, Episode 13—Sting: “Radio Bart” or “Bart and the radio.”

  • 4.Season 4, Episode 22—Barry White, Bette Midler y Red Hot Chili Peppers: «Krusty Gets Kancelled» O Krusty’s drama.
  • 5.Season 5, Episode 1—David Crosby, George Harrison y The Dapper In: “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” or “Homer’s Quartet.”
  • 6.Season 5, Episode 4—The Ramones: “Rosebud” or “Burns Bear.”
  • 7.Season 5, Episode 7— Paul and Linda McCartney «Lisa the vegetarian» O “Lisa the vegetarian ».

  • 8.Temporada 7, Episodio 24—The Smashing Pumpkins, junto con Cypress Hill, Peter Frampton y Sonic Youth – “Homerpalooza” or “Blowout!”
  • 9.Season 8, Episode 9 — Johnny Cash: “The Mysterious Voyage of Homer” or “The mysterious voyage of our Homer.”
  • 10.Season 9, Episode 22 — U2: “Trash Of The Titans” or “Trash of the Titans.”

  • 11.Season 10, Episode 11—Cyndi Lauper: “Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken” or “No one can destroy a wild Bart.”
  • 12.Season 10, Episode 12—Dolly Parton: «Sunday, Cruddy Sunday» o «Domingo, cruel domingo».
  • 13.Season 10, Episode 14—Elton John: «I’m With Cupid» o «Me acompaña cupido».

  • 14.Season 11, Episode 5—The B-52’s: “EIEI- (Annoyed Grunt)” or “Homer farmer”.
  • 15.Season 11, Episode 12—Britney Spears: “The Mansion Family” or “The Mansion Family.”
  • 16.Season 12, Episode 2—The Who: “A Tale Of Two Springfields” or “The tale of two cities.”

  • 17.Season 12, Episode 14—‘NSYNC: «New Kids On The Bleech» o «Ídolos».

  • 18.Season 13, Episode 3—R.E.M.: “Homer The Moe” or “Homer’s Tavern.”
  • 19.Season 14, Episode 2—Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Keith Richards y Brian Setzer: “How I Spent My Strummer Vacation” or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

  • 20.Season 14, Episode 18—David Byrne: “Dude, Where’s My Ranch?” or “Where is my ranch?”

Since the change of voice actors and new animation

  • 21.Season 18, Episode 2—White Stripes: «Jazzy And The Pussycats» o «Jazzy y los gatitos».

  • 22.Season 19, Episode 1—Lionel Richie: “He Loves To Fly And He D’ohs” or “He likes to fly and it shows.”


But in addition to this, we decided to add two extra ones, since they are bands that have not presented themselves as such. These have appeared throughout the entire series and in various forms. If you want to know more about these guest artists at The Simpsons and many more, we recommend you visit this wiki.

  1. Bonus track 1: The Carpenters with the song of Marge and Homeron, the same one that has accompanied them in the best moments and in the most sad. This one even appears in the movie.
  2. Bonus track 2: The Beatles with some of its members, their songs and their own parody episode. They are the inspiration behind The spurts and «Baby a board» It’s a great song.

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Our Favorite Artists and Their Cameos on The Simpsons – Rock & Pop