Paul Schrader and his haunting adoration for Taylor Swift

Paul Schrader and his haunting adoration for Taylor Swift

The world is full of unexpected loves and, many times, one of these hidden passions transforms the image of a character we thought we knew. That has happened to us with Paul Schrader, one of those indomitable filmmakers who has never allowed himself to be controlled by Hollywood. We could define him as a creator of ideas and approaches that are always arid, dark-minded and with a certain predilection for characters corrupted by a society that seems to believe it infects … Yes, he is all that and, also, an unconditional fan of Taylor Swift.

Yes folks, just over a month ago, the same man who created Travis Bickle, drawing inspiration from his own late-night experiences after a traumatic divorce, told Polygon that he was dying to see Taylor Swift live. Because she was “the essence of life force.” We do not know if, as in Taxi Driver (1976), Schrader will sing Shake it off again and again in front of the mirror but with phrases like “everything would be destroyed if she left us.” We would not be surprised at anything.

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We can think that the obsession of the author of the script of wild bull (1980) and director of Affliction (1997) the American Gigoló (1980) is based on his strange and recurrent angelic vision of a young girl in distress in the eyes of an older man, as it happened in Taxi Driver with the girl-prostitute played by Jodie Foster. Or maybe it reminds you of the Nastassja Kinski from your movie The kiss of the panther (1982). We can also drop the theories and surrender like Mr. Schrader to the Pennsylvania show.

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The point of all this is that, in the end, we are very happy because, at the age of 72, the filmmaker has fulfilled his dream. And we do not say it because his last film, First Reformed, is getting rave reviews before its premiere, but because you were able to celebrate your birthday by watching Taylor Swift live on her “REPUTATION” tour. Not only that: he has also put a post on his Facebook consisting of a selfie of him at the concert and a text that makes it clear what he liked the show:

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For my 72nd birthday I have gifted myself and Andrew Wonder tickets to the Taylor Swift Tour at MetLife Stadium. I loved it. A show business machine operating at its maximum efficiency. Another thing off my wish list (Pd: the purple lights are from the bracelets that are given to the public and were in sync with the music).

Ultimately, stay with someone who loves you like Paul Schrader to Taylor Swift.

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Paul Schrader and his haunting adoration for Taylor Swift