Rumor: Kathleen Kennedy wants to hand over Lucasfilm management to Jon Favreau

Rumor: Kathleen Kennedy wants to hand over Lucasfilm management to Jon Favreau

Today the entire franchise that Lucasfilm has generated is one of the largest and most powerful that exists in the world of entertainment since its first premiere in 1977. Although it is true that throughout the years it has had good and bad moments, their stories and characters are still valid, still having many things to tell. After three trilogies, animated series and some spin-offs with new characters within the same universe, the world of Star Wars received a breath of fresh air with The Mandalorian – 91% by Jon Favreau.

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With more series on the doorstep to premiere on Disney Plus, the significance of the work of the director of Iron Man himself – El Hombre de Hierro – 93% have captured the attention of fans and even the very heads of the franchise. There are those who consider Favreau as the savior of this galaxy after the bad comments that the last trilogy got from fans, especially in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 91% directed by JJ Abrams.

However, the one who has been blamed the most for the bad way of the last films is the current director of Lucasfilm: Kathleen Kennedy. Although Kennedy is one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood, many of her decisions to extend the Star Wars universe have been deemed unnecessary or forced; and even though The Mandalorian is still under his mandate, the success is fully attributed to the creator and producer (Favreau).

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After the success obtained with the series starring Pedro Pascal, many have considered that both Jon favreau as Dave Filoni they should take command of the next productions, and it has even been rumored that both producers would be interested in taking the reins not only of the series, but of the entire cinematographic universe generating new films that could restore the bad way that the last ones left three tapes.

Although it is believed that the director of Lucasfilm has not allowed them to advance their plans, in Giant Freakin Robot it has been reported that actually Kathleen Kennedy he is trying to convince Favreau to take over the management of the company because his contract ends this year. According to the cited source, where the comments of an informant from Reddit, the director and the producer have a good working relationship, so she is quite interested in giving her place to the also filmmaker.

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According to the report, there have been several creative clashes within the franchise, but these have arisen since the brand was acquired by Disney in 2012. It has been commented that the most recent conflicts between the creatives of Star Wars are with Pablo Hidalgo, head of the narrative group, as he has criticized that some of the new productions have been more concerned with aesthetics than narrative and he seeks to return to the traditional touch.

While within Lucasfilm they discuss the important decision to choose who will take command of the franchise, this year you will be able to witness new adventures in The Book of Boba Fett, without forgetting the series that begin production this year as the third season of The Mandalorian or the return of Ewan McGregor to Obi-Wan Kenobi.


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Rumor: Kathleen Kennedy wants to hand over Lucasfilm management to Jon Favreau