Singers and their dogs: 7 songs to celebrate them and why you should have a pet – Duna 89.7

Singers and their dogs: 7 songs to celebrate them and why you should have a pet – Duna 89.7

Several are dogs that have inspired lyrics and melodies. Today, on its international day, we compile some of those songs that have honored faithful companions.

A bit of history behind the songs

1.”Martha my dear” The Beatles

Part of Withe Album, this song was composed by Paul McCartney dedicated to his Bobtail dog named Martha.

2. “Time” Mecano

This bitch shook the whole world in 1957 when she was sent into space as an experiment to pave the way before human exploration. She died there and that marked Nacho Cano, who wrote the song to honor her.

3. “I love my dog” Cat Stevens

A tribute to his childhood and his faithful companion is this song, which was also one of the first songs with which he became known.

4. “Source Y- Aur stomp” Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant wrote this song to his dog Strider and in it he narrates the walks in the woods and many other shared moments, as well as emotional declarations of love. The song is part of Led Zeppelin III.

5. “Old King” Neil Young

Dedicated to his dog Elvis, it is a posthumous tribute Young included on the Harvest Moon album, released a few months after his dog’s death. In it he remembers several moments and says how important it was to him. He even took it on tours.

6. “Old Shep” Elvis Presley

It is a cover that Elivis Presley made of the song that the singer Red Foley dedicated to his pet. Of course, thanks to the King, it became known throughout the world.

7. “My dog and me” John Hiatt

This song talks about the freedom Hiatt feels when walking with his dog and everything the dog does when they go out for a walk. An ode to everyday life.

Why should you have a pet?

Several studies have shown that people and their pets create a potentially beneficial link to the physical and psychological state of humans. This has been demonstrated The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (CDC).

Among the benefits that stand out, is the decreased blood pressure, triglyceride levels, cholesterol, and feelings of loneliness. In addition, opportunities to be outdoors and exercise are increased, which increases the chances of socializing.

According to an investigation carried out by the National Institutes of Health In the United States, there are multiple benefits that come from interacting with animals. This as it was shown that this lowers the levels of cortisol, the stress-related hormone.

The doctor Layla Esposito oversees the NIH Human-Animal Interaction Research Program says:

“Is your goal to increase physical activity? Then, you could benefit if you have a dog. You will have to walk your dog several times a day and thus increase physical activity. If your goal is to reduce stress, sometimes watching fish swim can provide a sense of calm. So, there is not a single type that works for all “

It is for these reasons that therapy dogs are used for hospitals or residences in order to help reduce the levels of stress, anxiety and depression in patients.

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Singers and their dogs: 7 songs to celebrate them and why you should have a pet – Duna 89.7