The cruel story of how the cinema retired Anna Chlumsky, the promising girl of ‘My girl’, with 16 years | Celebrities, Vips

The cruel story of how the cinema retired Anna Chlumsky, the promising girl of ‘My girl’, with 16 years |  Celebrities, Vips

While Macaulay Culkin broke her heart, she shrunk that of viewers of several generations by claiming the glasses from her ill-fated confidante. The premiere of the popular 90s melodrama My girl, about two pre-adolescent friends who during the summer of 1972 must deal with the rigors of the leap into adulthood and their relationship with love and death, turned its young protagonists into two undeniable Hollywood stars. But while we learned in detail the controversial adventures of the popular Culkin; Anna Chlumsky, the true star and revelation of the film, never again enjoyed the honeys of fame. What happened to her?

At 39, Chlumsky is clear about the reasons for his sudden volatilization of the industry, when he was one of the great promises of the film mecca. “I entered puberty and was no longer cute on screen”, stated in an interview with the BBC the native Chicago performer, admitting that her premature retirement was not voluntary but forced. After My girl and its sequel, a Chlumsky already in full adolescence was rejected in dozens of auditions, among which was that of a promising project called Jurassic Park. “Those negatives left their mark on me because when you’re a teenager it’s less fun to be told that you don’t like you anymore.” Tired of casting directors closing their doors on her, she decided to take an indefinite break.

Three decades after ‘My Girl’, Chlumsky has once again shone in Hollywood. Photo: Getty

Chlumsky, 16, was retired from an industry in which she had started as a child model with just ten months of life. After starring in a blockbuster that grossed more than $ 120 million, She became an anonymous student again and thought she would never be an actress again. At the University of Chicago she graduated in International Studies and met her husband and father of her two daughters, Shaun Ho. He moved to New York and entered the job market hand in hand with the publishing world: as a food critic – his father is a chef – in a restaurant guide and as an editorial assistant for HarperCollins, specializing in the genre of fantasy and science- fiction. “I spent all day with princesses, aliens and goblins”, Explain. Despite her work at the label, Chlumsky did not feel fulfilled and, motivated by the Broadway plays that she devoured as a spectator, she decided to enroll in acting classes and give her childhood trade a new chance.

It didn’t take long for him to regain his form. In 2007 he began to get small roles in television series and his meeting shortly after with the prestigious screenwriter Armando Ianucci forever changed his luck. The Scotsman counted on her to be part of the cast of In the loop, a political satire that would become one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2009. Three years later, he called her again to offer to be part of the series’ cast. Veep. Chlumsky has played the chief of staff of the vice president of the United States played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus during the seven seasons aired on HBO of one of the most celebrated comedies on recent television. A work that has earned Chlumsky up to six nominations for best supporting actress at the Emmy Awards. And despite the stony road, he has ended up placing it in the place in Hollywood that anticipated its meteoric start.

The actress has put her university studies into practice in the series ‘Veep’. Photo: hbo

Despite the cinematographic nature of her redemption story, for her, the ups and downs of her career in the show business They are not far from what any twenty-year-old who seeks her way for years lives and, with fortune, ends up finding it. “I’m glad I took that step aside. It gave me the perspective I needed to come back for all the right reasons”, He stated in an interview with the US edition of Esquire.

Once settled Veep, the next thing in his career will be a leading role in one of the most anticipated series of 2021: Inventing Anna, produced by the almighty Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy). Netflix fiction will tell the true story of Anna Delvey, a young Russian of humble origins who at only 26 years old managed to rub shoulders with the elites of Manhattan by posing as a wealthy German heiress and weaving a web of lies that would end up leading her to prison. Chlumsky will play a transcript of Jessica Presler, the journalist of the New York Magazine that uncovered a good part of the case and that also signed the story of another recent success, that of the film Wall Street scammers. If the interpreter is looking for documentation to face the character, perhaps she can ask for advice from her former co-star Macaulay Culkin, one of the closest friends of the scammer now behind bars.

The Chicago-based performer has once again shone on the red carpet in recent years. Photo: Getty

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The cruel story of how the cinema retired Anna Chlumsky, the promising girl of ‘My girl’, with 16 years | Celebrities, Vips