This is how Keanu Reeves overcame his professional slump

This is how Keanu Reeves overcame his professional slump

Keanu Reeves is currently one of the most popular stars in the world, but he has also had bad times

Since he started having small roles in series, commercials and movies in the 80s, actor Keanu Reeves has never stopped working. In the 90s he began to stand out and films such as They call him bodhi (1991) the Speed (1994) showed that he could be one of the best action actors of his generation. But it was with the Matrix saga that he became a film icon. This science fiction franchise had an exaggerated impact at the beginning of the 21st century and almost 20 years later a fourth installment will be released.

After the release of the third Matrix movie in 2003, Keanu Reeves’ career began to slowly decline. First he released some interesting movies like Constantine (2005) the Owners of the street (2008), but he also starred in some really bad movies like Ultimatum to Earth (2008), The power of Tai Chi (2013) the Legend of the Samurai: 47 Ronin (2013).

Keanu Reeves himself even commented that the big studios did not want to hire him and that he had very difficult to find work. In what was a reminder of how complicated this industry is, even for an actor as beloved as him. Luckily today there are impressive tools such as that provides databases of companies and user opinions on art, culture and leisure. As it is anonymous, you can get very interesting information and it is really easier to get a job.

The actor rose from his ashes as the Phoenix

His friend Chad Stahelski is a Hollywood stuntman who was precisely the double of Keanu Reeves, he decided to have the actor make an action movie where he played a hit man who was looking for revenge. His title was John Wick and hardly anyone thought it could be a big hit. In fact, it only grossed $ 86 million when it was released in 2014. But it was loved so much that fans pushed for more installments. But the best thing is that from that moment Keanu Reeves’ career began to take off again.

In 2017 the second part of John Wick and it was a tremendous success with 171 million dollars, but nothing compared to the third that went on to gross 327 million dollars worldwide. That is why they are already planning the fourth and fifth part of the action saga.

But as if that weren’t enough, Keanu Reeves is currently filming Matrix 4, a highly anticipated film that will likely have the quality and success of the previous ones. But he has also shown that he is a great fan of science fiction since he has participated in the video game Cyberpunk 2077, the last big hit of 2020.

The future of the actor is bright

His next plans include shooting a movie in China called Rally Car proving that he is a great international star. In addition, Keanu Reeves will make a series titled Rain where he plays a murderer specialized in making it appear that his victims have suffered an accident. In addition, he will also star Past Midnight with director Rick Famuyiwa who has gained much fame for participating in the series of The Mandalorian.

But the thing does not end here, since 2021 could be a very important year for Keanu Reeves if some very interesting rumors are confirmed that place him in one of the Star Wars films at the same time that he could join the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe as Ghost Rider.

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This is how Keanu Reeves overcame his professional slump