What’s behind Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Garner remember that Bradley Cooper He was one of the first people to talk to her when she came to Hollywood. They met on the set of “Alias”, where the actress was the protagonist of the series directed by JJ Abrams and the actor, a recurring character in the plot. The program ended in 2006 and during an interview on the occasion of the final season Garner She explained that she loved working with Cooper, but that every few takes they had to stop “because things got ridiculous.” It happened in a conversation with Access Hollywood in which they wasted a lot of humor and showed the great complicity between them. he even said of his partner: “It’s the Brad Pitt of Alias”.

During a tribute to Cooper at the 2018 American Cinematheque Awards, Garner was one of those in charge of speaking on stage, where she jokingly compared the actor to a stray dog: “I took him home and made him dinner. … I’m still making dinner for him. ” “There is something about people who are equal in the face of success and failure that makes us love them and know their hearts. I know the heart and stomach of Bradley Cooper,” the actress continued with amusement, adding: “Bradley, what you is happening now is a real joy for those who know you, especially for those of us who have known you from the beginning. ” That same year, Cooper made his directorial debut with the film “A Star Is Born,” in which he also starred with Lady Gaga. Of course, Garner was happy about his friend’s new career path: “I’m excited for him. I’m very proud,” she revealed to the Entertainment Tonight portal. A few months later, and still with the promotion of the film ahead of the Oscars and Golden Globes, Garner congratulated Cooper on his birthday on social networks: “I taught him everything I know. Happy birthday, Bradley. Go for them tomorrow. We are very proud of you. “

Recently both They were caught by the paparazzi on a Malibu beach (California, United States) with Cooper’s daughter, Lea De Seine, three years old, the result of his relationship with the model Irina Shayk. The images published by the TMZ portal caused different media to speculate about a possible love relationship between the actors. However, several people close to them have already denied the alleged romance and assured that what exists between them is simply a long friendship. “They have been friends for a long time and have always cared a lot for each other. In fact, they have spent a lot of time with each other’s partners when their hearts were busy,” they explained.

Precisely Cooper is also a good friend of Ben Affleck, Garner’s ex-husband. The protagonist of “What happened yesterday?” was a key figure in helping Affleck overcome his alcohol problems.

“Boys like Bradley and Robert [Downey Jr.] they have been very helpful to me. They have really been very supportive and are wonderful men. “explained the actor on the Good Morning America program.

Cooper also assisted in Brad Pitt’s rehabilitation, as he also had to overcome his own addictions, about which he never had any qualms about speaking publicly. Insecurity and low self-esteem during his first years in the mecca of cinema led him to consume alcohol and drugs.

“I was so worried about what others thought of me, how I presented myself to the world, how I would survive my day to day. I always felt like a stranger. I only lived inside my head. I thought that I was not going to measure up to myself. potential and it scared me. I thought it was going to ruin my life. “Cooper confessed to The Hollywood Reporter in 2012.

Now sober, the actor tries to help other colleagues who are facing the same problems.

It was precisely alcoholism that Affleck and Garner decided to divorce last year, after several twists and turns. They had been married for ten years and share three children: Violeta, Serafina and Samuel, 14, 11 and eight years old respectively. Despite her breakup, the actress continued to support her husband in his struggle and intervened so that he would not be fired from one of his last jobs, the movie “The Way Back,” after suffering a relapse shortly before filming began.

Affleck is currently dating Cuban actress Ana de Armas, while Garner has been linked to the businessman John Miller since 2018. “Jen brings out the best in John, and he’s happier than ever. It’s a healthy, loving relationship,” a source told Us Weekly magazine last year. However, this same portal now assures that the couple has ended because Miller would want to take another step in their relationship, but Garner would not be prepared to take that leap. A relationship, which according to the same publication, has ended amicably.


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What’s behind Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper