Adam Sandler plans to make a sequel to “Happy Gilmore”

Adam Sandler plans to make a sequel to “Happy Gilmore”

Adam Sandler plans a second part of the movie Happy Gilmore thanks to numerous requests from fans on the internet.

Last week the actor Adam Sandler celebrated in a fun way the 25th anniversary of his classic film comedy, “Happy Gilmore“. The actor recreated the famous golf swing of his characters and got into a fight with some of the villains in the film. That is why it is said that Adam Sandler will make a sequel to “Happy Gilmore“.

All the love he showed for the movie has gotten people talking about a sequel. In fact Sandler and Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin) recently chatted with Golf Channel and when asked about a possible sequel, Sandler He said he’s interested in the idea and jokingly agreed to give it the green light.

What were your words?

“It has not been discussed,” he said. Sandler about a sequel. “But it’s certainly been discussed on the internet, and believe me, that Senior Tour idea… it would be amazing.” The presenter asked Sandler and McDonald if they were both inside and if he could announce that the project had received the green light. Followed this question McDonald raised his thumb and Sandler He replied, “Yes, yes, you can give this the green light.”

The announcement was made in jest before McDonald add: “Yes, I am inside. I would love to do it. Well everyone has been crying out for it like he said Adam on the Internet and I have to say that it would be wonderful ”. The Senior Tour with the two of us, oh my God. This din doubts left everyone surprised and very anxious

What is this movie?

Happy Gilmore It is an American film of comedy, which was directed by Dennis Dugan and released in 1996. It starred Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Carl Weathers. This tells the story of an aspiring ice hockey player who masters a very powerful shot that his father taught him as a child. But his rival Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) ve a Gilmore as a threat, and tries to prevent any attempt I make to take the throne from him.

So far there are no plans to make a sequel to “Happy Gilmore”. Nevertheless, Sandler recently reunited with his love interest from the movie, Julie Bowen, for “Hubie Halloween.” Something that makes it clear that the actor plans a project and everyone hopes that it will be the sequel to “Happy Gilmore”.

Who is Adam Sandler?

Adam, is an American actor, comedian, producer, musician and screenwriter. His career began after being a member of the cast of “Saturday Night LiveHe has also starred in a host of Hollywood movies that have grossed billions of dollars at the box office. His film roles include productions such as Billy Madison (1995), comedies romantic comedies The Wedding Singer (1998) sporting like Happy Gilmore (1996), the movie from which we expect a sequel.

In some countries this classic comedy can be enjoyed through Netflix. You can go to see it by following this link to the platform.

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Adam Sandler plans to make a sequel to “Happy Gilmore”