Billy Joe Shaver, country singer, lost his life

Billy Joe Shaver, country singer, lost his life

It seems that the misfortunes that have run throughout this year 2020 have not stopped, and it is that recently another of the luminaries of the United States the renowned country music singer-songwriter Billy Joe Shaver he lost his life at 81 years of age.

Whenever a news of this type is shared, comments from fans, family, friends and collaborators begin to emerge, everyone joins in the pain of the loss of an artist, even if it is at least the day in which it leaves, it is one of the saddest unions we have been seeing throughout these months.

She was a friend of Billy Joe Shaver who shared the news with the media with and Nelson assured that he suffered a stroke this Wednesday, October 28.

Although we know well that the cycle of life ends up to a certain point and we are aware of it, it is always painful to see a loved one, a friend or a celebrity we admire, as the recent case of the writer of the songs “Georgia year A Fast Train “and” Ride Me Down Easy “.

The lyrics of his songs managed to characterize him because he managed to express the hard upbringing he had had in his home state of Texas, he was born in Corsicana in 1939.

Billy Joe Shover He became one of the Outlaw Country Artists in the early 1970s he wrote for such greats as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Bobby Bare.

It wasn’t until 1968 that he arrived at arguably one of the most iconic country music venues in Nashville, and signed on to Bobby Bare’s publishing house as an official writer.

Goodbye to Billy Joe Shaver, country star and close friend of Harry Dean Stanton and especially Robert Duvall. Together with him he was in Camino al cielo (directed by Duvall) and Una noche en el viejo México, by Emilio Aragón. Also in The Wendell Baker Story. Rest in peace, “shared a netizen.

It was thanks to Wayne Jennings that his music began to be heard everywhere, after he recorded some songs and included them on his album entitled “Honky Tonk Heroes” in 1973, it was precisely this combination of talents, both the lyrics of songs as the interpretation, is that the Country music began to be popular and characterize the interpreters of this style of music for being nonconformists and becoming great legends.

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Of course, over the years this style of music changed a bit through its lyrics, however it continues to maintain the essence of the genre, that is something that cannot be removed so easily.

Throughout his career he managed to release 20 albums, his debut being in 1973 this was produced by Kristofferson, for 2014 it was in which he launched his last production, thanks to his popularity he became one of the most respected personalities by his peers. and thus considered one of the best songwriters in all of Texas.

He had the opportunity to receive an American Music award thanks to his long career, he was also included in the Hall of Fame for composers of Nashville last 2004.

On Twitter we can find comments about his departure, many regret that he has left and will surely remember him for many years as one of the greatest representatives of the country and also writers.

Another terrible news for country music. Mu3re Billy Joe Shaver, a purebred Outlaw excellent musician essential in the Texas scene have sung his songs and legends such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson, “wrote one of the netizens with great sadness.

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Billy Joe Shaver, country singer, lost his life