Injustice: first trailer promises epic showdown between Batman and Superman

Injustice: first trailer promises epic showdown between Batman and Superman

Were you wanting to see more battles between Batman and Superman? That’s exactly what the first trailer of Injustice. The animated adaptation of the video game has finally revealed its first trailer, which reveals just the first act that will unleash the Kryptonian’s most tyrannical side and the bat’s efforts to stop him from “throwing away” the legacy of the Justice League.

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Directed by Matt Peters, Injustice takes the story of the video game of the same name and brings it to animation. It is about the story in which, after seeing Lois Lane murdered at the hands of the Joker, Superman (Justin Hartley) murders him and becomes a ruthless world dictator. Opposed to what he has become, Batman decides to gather a group of heroes and villains to overthrow the Kryptonian and end his reign of terror.

The first trailer barely reveals a quick look at this premise. We see the Joker and Harley Quinn kidnap Lois Lane and then it is explained to us that she was pregnant before she died. Likewise, we see the destruction of Metropolis and Superman’s first speech in which he begins to show his thirst for greater control. Finally, the preview ends with the character breaking into the question of the villain and the fans of the game already know what happens next …

In case you haven’t heard from him, Injustice is a fighting video game in which the player must fight with different DC characters against many others to finally face one on one against Superman. Batman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Catwoman, Flash and many others are part of the story and, apparently, will also appear in the adaptation.

As fans of the DCEU will notice, some elements of this story are present in the saga that Zack Snyder built, from forcing Superman to murder, as happened in The Man of Steel – 55%, as in the reasons for the fight between the two heroes in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, until the advance that also the death of Lois would lead him in the future to join Darkseid once the invader arrives on Earth in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%.

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This will be the first film adaptation of Injustice, which has a sequel on consoles. In case you find the idea of ​​an evil Superman to be defeated fascinating, in video games last year it was confirmed as well. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, in which players must assassinate DC’s most iconic team of heroes. You can expect a better look at this project in October during the DC FanDome.

Injustice will premiere on October 19 on different video on demand platforms. Most likely, just like it happened with Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 – 80%, its second part, and Superman: Man of Tomorrow – 100%, they can rent or buy it through Prime Video or Google Play. It will also be available in physical formats, in case you like to collect.

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Injustice: first trailer promises epic showdown between Batman and Superman