Is Vin Diesel as fast and furious as Dominic Toretto? | Cinema | Entertainment

Is Vin Diesel as fast and furious as Dominic Toretto?  |  Cinema |  Entertainment

The 53-year-old actor is the protagonist and lynchpin of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.

Since 2001 the saga of Fast and furious it has been unstoppable. From the beginning it was about street racing, but gradually they involved scenes with cars moving at breakneck speeds, plus other ingredients that also routinely include high-risk espionage, military-grade shootings, multi-million dollar bank robberies and villains who want to annihilate. those who oppose them. Lately they have more resemblance to James Bond films or Mission Impossible.

As the movies have gotten bigger and more spectacular, so has Vin Diesel’s fame. He is considered the hero of all installments. Dominic ‘Dom’ Toretto is like the soul of the adrenaline that flows in the nine installments of the franchise (we already talk about parts 10 and 11). He is a world-weary street racer and car hijacker, a Corona beer drinker with an obsessive devotion to his family and a strained relationship with the law. First appeared in Fast & Furious: Full Throttle (2001), the movie that started it all, as a petty Los Angeles criminal with a heart of gold, and has gradually evolved into something of an independent secret agent and super cop.

When the first movie was released Fast and Furious en 2001, fans spotted main star Vin Diesel at age 33 racing cars and engaging in illegal activities. Now, after 20 years and nine movies, fans can see Diesel – now 53 years old – leading the Fast family through dangerous missions to save the world that involve flying futuristic airplanes, exploring space and much more.

Why the next ‘Fast and Furious’, the tenth, will be the last

Vin was born in 1967 as Mark Sinclair in California, along with his twin brother, Paul Vincent. He also has a younger sister, Samantha and Tim, the youngest. He was raised by his mother, an astrologer and psychologist, Delora Sherleen (Sinclair), and his adoptive father, Irving H. Vincent, is an acting instructor and theater director. He never knew his biological father. His mother is white (of English, German, Scottish and Irish ancestry) and his adoptive father is African American. Referring to the background of his biological father, Diesel has said that he himself is “definitely a person of color.”

It is said on Imdb that his first acting break happened by chance, when at the age of 7 he and his friends broke into a theater to destroy it. A woman stopped them and offered each a script and $ 20, on the condition that they attend every day after school. From there, Vin’s fledgling career progressed from the New York repertoire company run by his father, to the Off-Off-Broadway circuit. At 17, sporting a well-honed physique, he became a goalkeeper at some of New York’s hippest clubs to earn some extra cash. It was at this time that he changed his name to Vin Diesel. He also worked as a telephone and spotlight salesman.

Run to the cinema, ‘Fast and furious 9’ is previewed in Ecuadorian cinemas this Thursday

Diesel is married to the Mexican Paloma Jimenez, with whom he has procreated three children: Hania, Pauline, whom he baptized with this name honoring late best friend and co-star Paul Walker; and Vincent Sinclair Diesel, who plays a young Dominic in Fast and furious 9. “I started acting when I was seven years old. And just like the way Dom’s father’s love for cars is transmitted to him, my father loved acting and passed it on to me. They knew Dom before he was a father and you were also watching my work on Fast and furious before I was a dad. It is fascinating how the two lives intertwine. I’ve learned a lot from Dom and Dom has learned a lot from Vin, ”he comments on Imdb.

In a conversation on the Vulture site, Diesel revealed that a spin-off (derivative) of Toretto remains a possibility, either solo by himself or as a prequel. Additionally, the actor described how the remaining two installments will delve deeper into Toretto’s family history, developing the background of both the character’s father and his mother.

Vin Diesel with his children and his wife Paloma Jiménez in a 2019 photo. Foto: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

The followers of the saga wonder if Diesel is tired of playing Dominic because the latest installments were announced -the 10th and 11th that will be recorded simultaneously-. “No. I love the fact that I can play Dom Toretto. The end comes because every good story needs an ending; because every book you’ve read has a final chapter; because that’s the nature of storytelling. I’m sure there are people who would love for Fast to go on and on. Of course there will be different stories that will unfold in the future. But in terms of this mythology, I think we owe it to the fans, although I suspect a lot of people will find it bittersweet, to end it, “he told Variety.

“Dom has been that character synonymous with family. When we think of Dom, we think of someone who has never turned his back on family, someone who believes in family, whether by blood or bond. If they had asked me 20 years ago if in 2021 we would launch Fast and furious with Dom as father in the ninth chapter, I would have thought it was crazy. I would have thought it was unheard ofDiesel said in a video interview with Geek Culture.

What few know is that Vin Diesel is also dedicated to music. In 2020 a lot of people liked it Feel Like I Do along with DJ and producer Steve Aoki. In that song, Diesel shows his talents as a singer. “I have done some work with Steve Aoki and not only with him. That was one of the positive aspects of the pandemic that kept me from being on set. There had to be another positive creative outlet. I’ve always fantasized about making music. I’ve been doing Facebook covers for the last decade. And when this pandemic lockdown occurred, my creative outlet was music. I was grateful to have that, to have something to rely on for my sanity, “he said in Vulture.

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Is Vin Diesel as fast and furious as Dominic Toretto? | Cinema | Entertainment