Mark Ruffalo is stupid for criticizing Scorsese, says Raging Bull screenwriter Paul Schrader

Mark Ruffalo is stupid for criticizing Scorsese, says Raging Bull screenwriter Paul Schrader

The controversy generated by Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel is not over, just as Bill Maher’s unfortunate comments about the death of Stan Lee gave much to talk about for months, the misinterpreted words of the director of The Irishman – 100% will not be easily forgotten. Just a couple of days ago we shared that Mark Ruffalo, in charge of giving life to Bruce Banner / Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was questioned by BBC Cinematic about Scorsese’s complaints to Marvel and gave an ill-considered response. Now Paul Schrader, renowned director of works as First Reformed – 95% and scriptwriter of classics like Taxi Driver – 98% gave their unfriendly opinion about Ruffalo.

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One of the most controversial aspects of what the actor stated is that he implied that Marvel films are even more moving than those of Martin Scorsese, a statement with which he tries to refute the filmmaker for having said that Marvel is not true cinema and that true cinema moves. But the most absurd part of his response was when he said that the director should make a foundation for films that “are not guided by the market but also by the precepts of art.”

Schrader, who also worked with Scorsese as a screenwriter for Raging Bull – 98% and The Last Temptation of Christ – 82%, published the following comment on their Facebook account about Mark Ruffalo accompanied by a link to the news of The Playlist titled “Mark Ruffalo Wants Scorsese To Create A“ National Endowment ”If He’s Unhappy With The Current State Of Cinema”:

I’ve never met Mark Ruffalo, but “stupid” is not a word that would have come to mind. But damn, this is stupid.

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It would have been interesting for Schrader to delve into the reasons why the actor’s comment seems stupid, but presumably from the title of the news he shared, that he did not take well for Ruffalo to respond to Marty that he solved the problem that review. This was Ruffalo’s statement so you can judge for yourselves:

If we live in a world where economics is the measure of the value of a society, then whoever does the greatest will dominate it. […] [Scorsese] He said, ‘I’m not suggesting that we subsidize movies,’ but that’s exactly what he’s suggesting. We should have a national arts foundation that gives money to another type of cinema and supports another type of cinema. […] I would love to see Marty create a national film foundation, and he could do it. One that allows the entry of young talents who are not only driven by the market, but also by the precepts of the art, that would be incredible.

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As you can see, it was not a well-considered answer, it is completely different from the one given by Benedict Cumberbatch, responsible for giving life to Doctor Strange in Marvel, as he admitted on the radio program The Jenny McCarthy Show that Scorsese was right that there is a problem and that big studios shouldn’t look down on independent filmmakers for always prioritizing blockbusters (which the director called movie-amusement parks):

I know there has been a lot of debate recently with these excellent filmmakers. Highlighting that these movie franchises are taking care of everything … And I agree, you know. We don’t want one king to rule everything and have a kind of monopoly. We really should consider continuing to support auteur filmmakers at all levels.

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Who is right in this debate? We invite you to read what Martin Scorsese wrote to clarify the doubts and misinterpretations that have been made about his original words: Martin Scorsese responds to Marvel fans: “financial domination is destroying art”


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Mark Ruffalo is stupid for criticizing Scorsese, says Raging Bull screenwriter Paul Schrader