Matrix 4 Returns Show Preview And Look At Keanu Reeves As Neo

Matrix 4 Returns Show Preview And Look At Keanu Reeves As Neo
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From the moment a new Matrix film was announced directed by one of the sisters who made the original trilogy and with Keanu Reeves as Neo, this film has become one of the most anticipated.

With news about the casting and rumors of the plot, news about the film has been scarce, until now, as the WhatIsTheMatrix page, very much in the enigmatic style of the tapes, shared a couple of trailers.

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Upon entering the page, we are given the option of selecting one of two pills, the red and the blue, depending on which one is chosen, the advance will begin to reproduce and each one resembles what we selected.

In the red pill there are more scenes outside the Matrix or of characters doing things out of the ordinary, which defy reality, while in the blue one it focuses more on reality and implies that people take pills to stay inside of the Matrix.

As Morpheus would say in the first movie:

«If you take the blue pill the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe what you want to believe. If you take the red one you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the hole goes »

A great detail that both advances have is that no matter when they are seen, always in the video the narrator will tell you the exact time you are watching it and the clock will also be seen with the classic green code of the Matrix showing the time.

Neo is back

But the biggest surprise in the trailers are the scenes where Keanu Reeves can be seen as the Chosen One again within the Matrix and perhaps in a scene in the outside world. Remember that in the third movie the character lost his life.

In the blue pill, you can see for a moment the silhouette of Neo in a dark and rainy street about to face a group of people and then in an illuminated room that looks like a motorcycle workshop, standing in front of someone who resembles Trinity.

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It is in the trailer for the red pill where you can see in more detail and all his glory the hacker who sacrificed himself to stop the war between machines and humans in the original trilogy.

The scene in question shows Neo wearing a black suit and adopting a fighting pose, as he finds himself in what appears to be a street at night, undoubtedly a moment very much in the style of the movies of John Wick.

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At the end of the two previews, it is announced that the first full trailer arrives on September 9, so many of the doubts that this first look generates may be revealed.

What is certain is that with what we have seen so far, the cast and focus of mind games and what is real characteristic of the franchise, this film continues to generate hype among film and science fiction fans.

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How about? Are you excited for Keanu Reeves’ return to the role of Neo in Matrix 4? Tell us in the comments how you think his return is justified after what he saw in the last movie.

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Matrix 4 Returns Show Preview And Look At Keanu Reeves As Neo