millions, judgments and very well related

millions, judgments and very well related

Although it is currently known to Ignacio Silva Boots for being the father-in-law of American actor Richard Gere, The truth is that he has extensive experience as an entrepreneur. This Galician, divorced and with a house in Ibiza -and other parts of the country- is a powerful builder that has gone through dozens of companies and was even economic vice president of Real Madrid in the years of Lorenzo Sanz (1995-2000).

Silva made headlines last September after publishing El Confidencial that New Bank, an entity born in 2014 on the ashes of Banco Espirito Santo (BES), claims almost 24 million euros. For the collection, he urged the public auction of several properties in his name (two houses in the center of Madrid, another in Pozuelo and several farms in Toledo) and of one of his companies, Agropecuaria Madrigal, dedicated to agricultural and livestock production. This auction was suspended.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva, in a moment of complicity. (Reuters)

Now, six months later, the same court has called an auction again, but this time, the auction will focus, as has been Posted by El Confidencial, in the two homes located in the center of Madrid and the one in the Madrid municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón. Thus several farms are left out of his property and one of his companies, Agropecuaria Madrigal, those with which he could have obtained the highest income.

His friendship with Richard Gere

It was September 2000 and Richard Gere was driving Balearic photographers crazy. The actor was filming a watches ad Viceroy in Formentera and his presence in S’Espalmador drove those present crazy. White shirt, beige pants rolled up to the middle of the knee and that smile that then placed him between the 10 most attractive men in the world. The funny thing is that it was his current father-in-law, Ignacio Silva, Alejandra Gere’s father, who facilitated part of the filming of the ad.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva secretly welcome their second child

Jorge C. Parcero

Ignacio Silva Boots, whom his friends they call Nacho, He was already a powerful businessman, who was approached by the watch brand for help in locating the ad. Thence a friendship emerged between Gere (71 years old) and Silva (62) which today is much more than that. The businessman is the actor’s father-in-law, married to Alejandra, Silva’s first daughter. At that time, Alejandra, the eldest of three sisters (Patricia and Blanca), I was 17 years old. Gere, meanwhile, had just finished shooting ‘Fall in New York’ with Winona Ryder and had been a father for the first time.

Richard Gere, accompanied by his wife, Alejandra. (EFE)

‘Satisfy my soul’

Silva and Gere they met through Juan Palacios, then president of Munreco, a firm that brought together Viceroy and Maurice Lacroix, among others, who used his friend to locate the ad and shoot those images that drove more than one crazy with the song ‘Satisfy my soul’ on the soundtrack. In passing, he introduced him to the Hollywood star, with whom he struck up a friendship that has endured over the years. The actor stayed at Silva’s house During the five days that the filming lasted and every time the businessman traveled to the United States, which was not a few, he tried to meet his friend if the schedule allowed.

Richard and Alejandra Gere, in Milan with the eleventh. (EFE)

“Nacho he is a very sociable guy who knows how to move very well in high places ”, said a person who has had a lot of relationship with the businessman. “He is powerful, rich and very nice, he has everything to succeed.” The ‘celestino’ de Gere y Silva, businessman Juan Palacios, was also part of Lorenzo Sanz’s board along with Silva. Both resigned from their posts in 1997, after dark maneuvers by the president, they said, and launched a candidacy for the presidency that did not come to fruition.

Crib meringue

Her merengue love has been inherited by her daughter Alejandra and her husband, the Hollywood star, who has visited the Bernabéu on more than one occasion. He has even followed the team on a trip, like when in 2016 he went to Milan for a Champions League final and he showed up in training, touched the ball with soccer player Sergio Ramos and put on a white shirt. The next day, with the eleventh in Madrid, the actor celebrated his success at San Siro like one more merengue. With vip stage, Yes indeed. A privilege that has served him to also invite some friends from Hollywood to the Bernabéu: in 2017, Julia Roberts He was in the box with his family to enjoy a game.

Ignacio Silva never imagined that he would come out of those days in Formentera a family relationship that would make him a grandfather. In the grandfather of two famous children in the world.

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millions, judgments and very well related