“Reckoning” a movie to enjoy on the platform

“Reckoning” a movie to enjoy on the platform

To shoot the comedy film available on HBO Max, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro followed a strict exercise routine

“Reckoning” is one of the many comedy movies available on HBO Max. Robert de Niro and Sylvester Stallone played Billy “The Kid” McDonnen and Henry “Razor” Sharp respectively; two retired boxers.

The renowned Hollywood actors had to comply with a meticulous but demanding training to be able to star in the film that revolves around boxing. The film directed by Peter Segal had the participation of Alan Arkin and Kevin Hart, who play a coach and a businessman who made possible the return of the two boxing legends to the ring.

Sylvester Stallone was 67 years old when he played Henry “Razor” Sharp – Photo: Youtube

Both Stallone and De Niro have had the opportunity to embody the role of a boxer throughout their successful acting careers. For his part, Sylvester played the acclaimed role of Rocky Balboa in eight films that make up the saga and Robert gave life to Jake LaMotta, a renowned American boxer with Italian roots.

“Toro Salvaje” is one of Robert De Niro’s most iconic films. It was in 1980 when the actor underwent an incredible transformation to be able to embody the role of the boxer. His wonderful performance led him to win in the Best Actor category his second Oscar in 1981.

That’s why when they announced the premiere of “Reckoning,” fans of boxing movies recognized the great duo that these two great actors would make. The dramatic comedy had a budget of $ 40 million.

“Adjusting Accounts” premiered on December 25, 2013 in the United States – Photo: Youtube

Pittsburgh’s Henry “Razor” Sharp (Sylvester Stallone) and Billy “The Kid” McDonnen (Robert De Niro) were two great boxers of the time. During the most successful years of their careers, they compete in two fights, one of which is the winner each time. However, in the middle of coordinating the great rematch, “Razor” decides to retire from boxing and “The Kid” takes it badly by not being able to prove who is the best.

After 30 years a company proposes to sponsor the tiebreaker, but none of the boxers is in a position to face a fight on the ring. That is why they both seek to improve their physique and stamina to win the title and $ 100,000.

“Razor” seeks help from his lifelong coach Louis “Lightning” Conlon (Alan Arkin), but on the other hand “The Kid” cannot get the support of his old gym due to his advanced age. Dante Slate (Kevin Hart) is the astute businessman looking for the reunion between the two rivals to go viral to generate much more money during the long-awaited fight.

Robert De Niro gave life to Billy “The Kid” McDonnen with 70 years of age – Photo: Youtube

The film available on HBO Max brings two of Hollywood’s most beloved actors to the screen in a comedy plot that is sure to make you laugh. 80% of Google users rated the film as fun and entertaining.

Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone not only played the improvement of their physique in fiction, part of the training was real, since the actors were not in the best conditions to play the role of two boxers. As of the premiere date, De Niro was 70 years old and Stallone 67 years old. However, after so much effort, the comic story was brought to the big screen.

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“Reckoning” a movie to enjoy on the platform