the fall from grace of the star that shone in the 90s

the fall from grace of the star that shone in the 90s

The story of Johnny Depp is a roller coaster full of eccentricities, lights and shadows. After becoming one of the most acclaimed screen icons in the 1990s, the actor who once played Edward Scissorhands or the pirate Jack Sparrow faces dozens of accusations of having mistreated his ex-wife. A past marked by stories as turbulent as that the actor supposedly offered marijuana to his 13-year-old daughter, who suffered several episodes of domestic violence and who went through a very dark period of drugs and alcohol from which it is still not known if she has managed to get out.

Anyway, the interpreter’s career has suffered a severe blow and the sponsorships and contracts that he had left have disappeared overnight. To this day, only the French firm Dior maintains its advertising with the actor, despite the fact that many organizations criticize the brand for working with him. Will the star that shone so bright a few decades ago go out completely?

Kicked out of the industry

At the moment, not even the studios want to work with him. A few months ago Depp surprised us with his departure from the ‘Fantastic Animals’ franchise in which he was going to play the character Gellert Grindelwald in the third installment of the saga. It is not surprising. Anonymous testimonials from film producers spoke of what it was like to work with the actor: “He’s radioactive. You simply cannot work with it today. The bombing that came to light in the judicial process alone would be enough to scare any studio. “Depp did not turn out so bad: 10 million dollars in compensation for having shot a single scene in the movie.

To the wall that stands between Depp and his career is also added his departure from the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean, because Disney does not want to have him for the sixth installment of the saga, in which Depp had been playing the mythical Captain Jack Sparrow since 2003.

Dior has been the only company that has not yet announced a change in the contract it signed with the actor. And that’s after the barrage of criticism following the airing of the ad for the perfume in which Depp appears in the commercial for one of the highest-rated shows in Britain, The Great British Bake Off. “We have received a total of 11 complaints about this ad,” said a spokesperson for the UK Advertising Standards Authority, “and the whistleblowers believe that Johnny Depp should not appear in the ad due to details about his recent court case. ”.

Since the announcement was broadcast, Depp’s fans, using the hashtag #Justiceforjohnnydepp, have also posted messages of support on social media in favor of the actor and that Dior continue to work with him.

The dirty laundry of the trial

It all started in May 2016 when Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, whom she had married in February 2015, for “irreconcilable differences.” Two days later, the actress publicly accused her ex-partner of domestic violence and appeared before a judge with a bruise on her face, allegedly from Depp’s physical abuse. Then he not only asked for the restraining order but also claimed that he had been the victim of “repeated” attacks during the 15 months that the marriage lasted and showed several photographs that confirmed it. The Los Angeles judge accepted the evidence and issued a temporary restraining order.

After three months of tension, the actress withdrew the request for a restraining order against her already ex-husband and the two parties reached an agreement. “Neither party has made false accusations,” read a joint statement from the couple.

In 2018, the actor sued the British newspaper The Sun for an article published in 2018, where the newspaper claimed that the actor had beaten his then-wife Amber Heard. The verdict of the courts ruled against the american actor. In the trial they were shelled up to 14 episodes in which Heard claimed that her ex-husband assaulted her. The judge found 12 of them proven.

“I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of Mr. Depp’s alleged attacks against Mrs. Heard have been proven, according to the minimum requirements of civil procedure,” said Judge Nicols in his detailed judgment. The magistrate went even further by rejecting the substantive argument of the actor’s lawyers, who tried to point out his ex-wife as a “hustler” who wanted to make a fortune based on false accusations.

Their relationship was toxic from the start, as the trial sessions demonstrated. The actress accuses her ex-husband of routinely calling her with nicknames such as ‘whore’ and bitch. “Depp, who has been accused of pulling strands of his wife’s hair from his head and even breaking her nose with a head butt during the honeymooners, claimed that he too was a victim of these attacks. According to him, Heard threw two bottles of vodka at him over a dispute over a post-marriage financial agreement: “One of them brushed my head, while the other it broke and cracked one of my fingers. “

Now Depp is preparing for a second round that this time will be in the United States, their country. A Virginia state court will hear the actor’s complaint against Heard for describing alleged abuse and death threats in an article published in the newspaper The Washington Post a few months after reaching a divorce agreement.

In August 2020, Heard charged Depp, claiming that the actor had coordinated “a harassment campaign via Twitter” while attempting to orchestrate alleged petitions to get her fired from Aquaman and L’Oreal, and that could end in a fine of more than 40 million euros for the actor for defamation.

The rise and fall: drugs, alcohol and a life of eccentricities

But it’s not just the judge’s verdict that has decimated Depp’s reputation. For a while, his life has been absurdly exaggerated. When asked in 2018 if it was true, as his managers alleged, that he spent 24,000 euros a month on wine, he replied that this was “an insult, because it was much more.” Not to mention the testimonies about private jets or cocaine at breakfast.

Depp always represented a different way of being famous. Even with a few sporadic outbursts and wacky outfits, Johnny Depp has always been well liked by viewers. In the 90s Depp carved out one of the most interesting careers a teenager has ever achieved. He worked with Lasse Hallström on Who loves Gilbert Grape?, Jim Jarmusch and Dead Man, Roman Polanski in The ninth door and Mike Newell in Donnie Brasco (in which he probably played his best role). And he took his audience with him; An entire generation discovered independent films and their authors through Depp.

However, for a few years, the romance with the critics that the actor lived in the nineties, when Marlon Brando declared him the best actor of his generation, was twisted not only by his failures at the box office as it happened with The Lone Ranger (2013), which took it personally, or Mortdecai (2015), the comedy in which he shares a shot with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Apart from the honeys of success, his comings and goings with Amber Heard have not been the only thing that have turned Johnny Depp into gossip meat. Also his high lifestyle marked by addictions and disputes that he has starred until recently with his former representatives. In 2017, the actor initiated legal actions against The Management Group, the company that ran his affairs for 17 years. Depp accused them of spending millions without his permission and claimed 22.8 million euros in damages. They argued that the only person responsible for their financial problems was the artist himself who had spent millions on crazy whims: he came in abundance, luxury houses, security, private planes, and they demanded more than 500,000 euros for defamation.

Johnny Depp leaves 'Fantastic Beasts 3' at Warner's request: Harry Potter prequel will sign another actor for the role of Grindelwald

Until very recently, he had a reputation as one of the easiest actors to work with, praised by the cast and crew of his films for his professionalism and kindness. But his reputation began to crack. He delayed the filming of the fifth film of Pirates of the Caribbean because of what he said was a hand injury, which Heard said in court occurred when he hit a wall during one of his fights. Even the film crew claimed that Depp would not stop drinking to the point where he needed to have his lines relayed to him through a headset.

In 2018, Depp was sued for allegedly hitting a team member twice in the ribs during a rifirafe on the set of City of Lies. Court documents stated that the actor “reeked of alcohol” and used drugs on set.

In 2018, the actor already announced to journalists that his fortune of 530 million euros had disappeared, accusing his representatives. But his life was not always a tumult of trouble. There was a time when Depp donated almost a million euros to the Great Ormond Street Hospital after his daughter had been treated there, and then he visited sick children to read stories to them, and even when his life began to be excessive, his good friends remained loyal.

But over the last decade, things started to change. One example is the interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine, apparently about how he lost all his money, and where he ended up keeping journalist Stephen Rodrick with him for three days. Rodrick described him as “alternately hilarious, cunning and incoherent”, with a “scared and haunted look”. “If your current life isn’t a perfect copy of Elvis Presley’s last days, it’s a decent facsimile,” Rodrick wrote.

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the fall from grace of the star that shone in the 90s