The songs that Ricardo Montaner chose and that ended up harming some participants of his team in La Voz

The songs that Ricardo Montaner chose and that ended up harming some participants of his team in La Voz

Ricardo Montaner had to eliminate two participants from his team

August 25, 2021 11:50

It was another gala full of emotions, suspense and in which two participants had to leave the contest. Night after night La Voz Argentina catches millions of viewers, who follow what is happening and who even have their “favorites”. This Tuesday it was Ricardo’s team’s turn Montaner, who had to eliminate two of its seven members.

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The first to jump on stage was Jacinta Sandoval, who, at the beginning of the competition, had been involved in a controversy after accusations of “accommodation” arose for her alleged link with Stefi Roitman, Ricky’s girlfriend Montaner. This was not an impediment for the young woman to demonstrate her singing skills and to get through the rounds.

On Tuesday night he performed the song “Something Got A Hold On Me” by Etta Jones and won the praise of all the jurors. “I told her in rehearsals that she is the artist who most enjoys being on stage,” he revealed. Montaner, who thanked him “for giving my team credibility.”

Next, it was the turn of the brothers Denis and Axel Ortiz, who performed Camila’s “You decided to leave me”. “Today they showed why they are here. They touched my soul ”, Soledad Pastorutti congratulated them, obviously moved.
Then it was Ezequiel Pedraza’s turn, who had to sing “El misma aire”, a song by Camilo, son-in-law of Montaner. His performance failed to fully convince the jury. “I did not see that brilliant Ezequiel that I am expecting,” Lali Esposito told him.

Ezequiel PedrazaDuration: 06:16

The fourth participant was Bianca Cherutti, who also, at first, had been accused of accommodation for being the daughter of the capocómico. On this occasion he played “For what remains of my life”, a song written by Montaner and popularized by the Mexican Thalía. “The idea is that they try other things,” explained the Venezuelan naturalized Argentine singer before the claims of his colleagues, who were not completely convinced by the interpretation.

Steffania Uttar was the fifth to go on stage and she played the song “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. The Venezuelan displayed all her skills and managed that no coach criticized her. “I’ll be frank, when they gave us the list of those who sang today, I thought you were going to go“Lali admitted, in the form of praise.

Steffania Uttar Duration: 07:14

The sixth member of the team Montaner to introduce himself was Sergio Verón, who was given “La copa rota”, by Benito De Jesús. “Today I spent all the time waiting for you to make a mistake and I couldn’t find it,” Mau congratulated him.

While the person in charge of closing the gala was Ignacio Sagalá, who became champion of the contest La Voz Argentina: The return, after being eliminated in the instance blindly. “That the idea that we are deaf is not left. Everyone had their reason for not turning around ”, he clarified Montaner about that decision.

Ignacio SagaláDuration: 07:10

The choice of songs, the nerves of the moment and the little margin for error because it was one of the decisive instances led Ricardo Montaner to make the decision choose Jacinta, Denis and Axel, Ezequiel, Steffania and Ignacio. While Bianca and Sergio said goodbye to The voice, between applause and praise.

The five chosen by Ricardo Montaner for the rooms of La VozDuration: 08:49

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The songs that Ricardo Montaner chose and that ended up harming some participants of his team in La Voz