Tom Cruise suffers: they stole a copy of the new “Top Gun” and fear for a leak

Tom Cruise suffers: they stole a copy of the new “Top Gun” and fear for a leak

Tom Cruise he is not having a good time in this 2021. After the several postponements of the premiere of his films Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7, a few days ago he suffered a blow worthy of one of his action productions. A gang of thieves took, by means of a novel plan, one of the BMW cars with which he was traveling in the British city of Birmingham where he was shooting part of the story in which he plays the agent Ethan Hunt. Until now, it was known that inside the vehicle there was the interpreter’s personal luggage for thousands of dollars. But, as it transpired, It was not the only precious thing she was wearing.

According to what the British newspaper quoted The Sun, in the car of the actor’s bodyguard there was one of the few physical copies of the film Top Gun: Maverick. While they were able to get it back, producers fear that they have digitized it and leaks at any time.

Tom Cruise, next to the car that was stolen from him in the English city of Birmingham. (Photo: The Sun)

“That movie was frustrated by the challenges you facedbut everyone involved is excited about how it ended up being done. Finally the end is in sight. So after all that hard work, the idea that it might leak after the delays there were by COVID is devastating”, Indicated a source of the production to the British newspaper.

Regarding how the security was after the theft, the informant maintained that the “only copies outside the study were assigned their own security when transported.” “There is too much at stake in this not to do it“, He launched.

The blow was quick. The gang devised an operation that was executed when they cloned the digital signal from the BMW key, they duplicated it to be able to unlock the driving mechanism and managed to make it start. According to what the site published at that time The Sun, Cruise freaked out when he found out about the robbery, which involved high technology. “Tom was taken in that car while he was in Birmingham and part of his luggage and belongings were inside when it was stolen,” a source told the outlet.

Although the car could be recovered due to its built-in electronic tracking device, many of the personal items were not. Copy of Top Gun: MaverickHowever, he was able to recover. “What happened is a great shame for the film security team. The man who was driving went crazy, but He wasn’t as mad as tom! ”Someone from the production exclaimed.

Monica Barbaro as Phoenix and Tom Cruise as Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, during a scene from the movie “Top Gun: Maverick”. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)By: EFE Services

Cruise was filming several sequences of Mission Impossible 7 with his co-star Hayley Atwell in a shopping center in Birmingham. Sources said thieves were able to steal it minutes after intercepting the key signal after they left it. a few minutes outside the Grand Hotel, an accommodation that is unusually very close to West Midlands Police Headquarters.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the cast of Top Gun: Maverick will bring back Cruise and his antagonist from the original film, Val Kilmer. In addition, the cast will include great figures such as Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and Miles Teller, among others. The plot revolves around the character of Pete Mitchell played by Cruise as a veteran Air Force test pilot, determined to reject the promotion that would lower him from the ultra-fast jets to have to devote himself to office work.


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Tom Cruise suffers: they stole a copy of the new “Top Gun” and fear for a leak