Zack Snyder’s followers accuse the film of plagiarizing Man of Steel

Zack Snyder’s followers accuse the film of plagiarizing Man of Steel

After having been able to see the trailer about Eternals, it seems that many followers of the director of Superman have raised their voices

The fanaticism of some followers can reach unsuspected levels, in order to be able to defend tooth and nail what they have wanted so much. We wanted or not, this type of situation has existed forever and rivalries between companies or movie sagas many times it is generated more by fans than by those in charge of making these tapes.

Marvel and DC Comics have always been seen as direct rivals in the industry of the comic, since both have a very clear concept, despite marking some differences. In the cinema section you can’t say that DC has been so fruitful, but with the versions that began to arrive with Zack Snyder at the helm, it seemed that I was going to raise my head.

Controversy between the followers of Snyder and Eternals

Once his vision of the Justice League was released, it seems that there is nothing left but one, but many of the great defenders of the director have always wanted him to return, since his vision of this universe has penetrated deep. However, it must be said that sometimes all that great attachment can become counterproductive, if not tell Eternals with your new trailer and some similarities it has had with Snyder’s first play for Superman.

We carry a few days being able to enjoy the trailer that Marvel has wanted to share about his new big movie and it seems like there have been some details that are considering plagiarism from Man of Steel. Keep in mind that one of the protagonists, Ikaris, has some powers similar to Superman, such as ray vision. In a matter of powers, this type of situation has occurred by both companies and it’s something we already live with.

Eternals - Zack Snyder

Despite all this, it seems that Snyder’s loyal fans have defended tooth and nail that this scene shown and another of the same character looking somewhat collapsed blatantly copies the film of the great hero of Metropolis, as if Snyder were the first to do something of this caliber. It is true that it may seem that the situation is similar, but indicate and defend that it is plagiarism only for putting his character in a similar position, can seem ridiculous, which is why they have been gunned down on social media and being victims of memes.

It can be understood that you want to defend the work of an author that you have liked very much and with whom you have enjoyed enormously, but try to discredit and dominate their facts as the greatest exponent, attacking anyone who does not think about it, many times it’s incredibly toxic. All these situations generate controversy where there is no reason to be, since the best is always enjoy it all without looking for blood along the way. What do you think about it?

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Zack Snyder’s followers accuse the film of plagiarizing Man of Steel