Clickbait goes to Disney news

Clickbait goes to Disney news
Mike Zeroh’s youtube channel shows us the structure to achieve clickbait without news about Disney.

So far the only objective we know is that Gina Carano was fired, allegedly for offending Jews and the next day a Jew is her boss. Gina was fired in such a way that she finds out through social networks. We also know that at the shareholders meeting on March 9 they asked about this situation and if they were going to fire Kathleen Kennedy, and Bob Chapek said that she would be with the company for many years. And since March 9, the shares have been going down.

There are those who take advantage of this to do pure clickbait, to attract people to get viewing time. It is about turning “nothing has happened” into news. A good example of this is Mike Zeroh’s YouTube channel.

The clickbait consists of putting baits without content to make people click to see a web content, being that the content is a waste of time or they do not deliver anything really appetizing.

Let’s take a look at the video headlines from March 9, and then break down the issues

March 9:
Jon Favreau Just Gave Fans A NEW Hope & Saved Star Wars! This Is Unexpected (Star Wars Explained)
Kathleen Kennedy Is Stepping Down From STAR WARS TV Series & Gina Carano Details Star Wars Explained

It’s over, the problem is over. They don’t fire her but she retires from TV shows, right?

March 10th:
Kathleen Kennedy Wants To Fire Rosario Dawson Now! This Must STOP (Star Wars Explained)

Then they are going to fire again. Lucas wanted to kill Ahsoka Tano and now Kennedy wants to go back to Lucas’s vision?

13 de marzo:  Kathleen Kennedy Fired Star Wars Director Now! HUGE Details Emerge (Star Wars Explained)

March 14:
Jon Favreau Just Cancelled Kathleen Kennedy Master Plan! (Star Wars Explained)

So did Favreau cancel Lucas’s vision or did Kennedy never want to go back to Lucas’s vision?

March, 15th:
Kathleen Kennedy Just ENDED George Lucas & Dave Filoni Plan! (Star Wars Explained)

Ah, so Kennedy never wanted to follow Lucas’s vision as she promised, she did years ago.

March 16:
Jon Favreau Just Fired Star Wars Director Now! Get READY (Star Wars Explained)

19 de marzo:  Kathleen Kennedy Just Cancelled Star Wars TV Series! This Is Unexpected (Star Wars Explained)

I mean, she never retired from TV shows.

23 de marzo: Jon Favreau Just ENDED Kathleen Kennedy HUGE Plan! This Is A Big Win (Star Wars Explained)

Ah, so we go back to Lucas’s vision?

25 de marzo: Disney Wants To Bring Back Gina Carano Now! This Is HUGE (Star Wars Explained)

Disney wants. It’s just a wish. Disney is nobody, it is a brand and a legal entity. Who exactly wants? The CEO, the shareholders? I could write a headline that says “study says my Rankia readers want to travel today” and it would be news about “nothing has happened” that suddenly turns into something else, and if my readers really want to travel, then it becomes pure clickbait. It is turning a wish of the audience into a wish of “Disney” (whoever it is or what this means) and making it news.

March 27th:
Kathleen Kennedy Wants To Replace Hayden Christensen! Darth Vader Recast (Star Wars Explained)

It seems that someone has got into Kennedy’s head and read his thoughts. And it has made them news. Of course there are no leaked videos or anything.

29 de marzo:  Kathleen Kennedy Plan To Leave Lucasfilm! This Is Unexpected! Get READY (Star Wars Explained)

Imagine that to leave you need a letter and go out the door. But no. They prefer to turn it into a plan, and better yet, a plan that is not in writing or anything, nothing verifiable or tangible. There are no audios, no videos or anything as evidence.

March 30th:
Gina Carano Responds To Kathleen Kennedy! The Time Has Come (Star Wars Explained)
Jon Favreau Just Made Every Fans Dream Come True! This Is INSANE (Star Wars Explained)

How to turn a Gina meme into news? Well, make it a non-existent communication between Gina and her ex-boss. Also take the wishes of the audience and the “nothing has happened” and say that Favreau has fulfilled the dreams of the fans. What dreams? I don’t see new episodes, nothing tangible. So how have you managed to fulfill the dreams of so many people?

March 31st:
Kathleen Kennedy Responds To The Fans! This Is Horrible Now (Star Wars Explained)
Jon Favreau Is Ending The High Republic Plan Now! This Is A HUGE Win (Star Wars Explained)

The last time I saw Kennedy was in an Oscars video where he spoke praising women, and all the comments were about how Kennedy fired strong woman Gina Carano. Comments were suppressed and dislikes, which were overwhelming 10,000 against almost 1,000 likes, were removed as well. I have not seen any new videos or audios or communications from Kennedy. Where exactly has Kennedy responded?

April 1st:
Kathleen Kennedy Just Cancelled Gina Carano AGAIN! This Gets Worse (Star Wars Explained)

Oh, so Disney wants to hire and Kennedy cancels Gina again? How far has the sophisticated plan to quit progress? Or did that never happen?

April 2:
Lucasfilm Wants To Rehire Gina Carano Now! This Just Got Better (Star Wars Explained)

Look how wonderful. While the Lucasfilm boss doesn’t want to, Lucasfilm does. What if we interview Lucasfilm? Last time Lucasfilm was just a legal entity. Could it be that he has finally materialized as a person? Rehash of the movie Crazy Science? Kennedy is the boss at Lucasfilm. Does she want Gina back now or is Mike Zeroh’s channel a fake news channel?

As you can see, it’s about turning “no news” and “nothing happens” into exclusive front-page news. As the idea is to systematize that process, a YouTube user had the idea of ​​an algorithm to program the “Mike Zeroh bullshit generator” to generate news headlines.

Take one element from each group and concatenate it in the order of the group’s numbering.

Jon favreau
Kathleen Kennedy


Wants to Rehire/Bring back

To Fans
Gina Carano
George Lucas
Dave Filoni
Jon favreau
Kathleen Kennedy

This Is Unexpected
This Must STOP
This is huge
The time has come
This Is Horrible Now
This gets worse

(Star Wars Explained)

What is unfortunate is that this channel has 283 thousand subscribers, while channels with better content have few subscribers. On Mike Zeroh’s channel what you have is a guy talking for 10 minutes. If 1% of subscribers spent those 10 minutes on those 19 videos, there would be 7,283 hours of viewing obtained with fake news and a generator bullshit that can be programmed in Excel in a matter of minutes.

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Clickbait goes to Disney news