Duff McKagan, classic bassist of Guns N ‘Roses, launches his biography: “the heaven and hell of rock” | LOS40 Classic

Duff McKagan, classic bassist of Guns N ‘Roses, launches his biography: “the heaven and hell of rock” |  LOS40 Classic

Guns N’ Roses dominated the music scene across the globe between the late 80s and early 90s. Literally, from the Ritz in New York in 1988 to Tokyo in 1992, with two concerts that went down in history. One of the architects of such tremendous success was the man who played the bass, Duff McKagan, who has written his biography: It’s So Easy (and Other Lies). It will be on sale from tomorrow, September 1st.

“A wise tale of true rock heaven and hell”. This is how the prestigious Rolling Stone. And there are few like Duff to count the ups and downs that can be experienced on a road as cobbled as it is, many times, that of fame.

Arrival at Guns N ‘Roses

After belonging to around 30 bands between 1979 and 1984, Duff heeded the call of this ad: “Bassist Wanted Who Likes Aerosmith Style.” He bore the signature of a certain Slash who, along with drummer Steven Adler, met Axel Rose and Izzy Strading.

Cover of It’s So Easy (and Other Lies), by Duff McKagan / Dome Books

The bass player sincerely counts those early years, from the first check they received for his legendary debut. Appetite for Destruction (from 1987 and includes Sweet Child O ‘Mine or It’s So Easy, which gives the book its title) until riotous life that was led in Hollywood (California) in that decade:

“In 1985, AIDS was beginning to enter the conversations in the country, but it had not yet figured prominently in heterosexual consciousness. I never used a condom. Not once. I was lucky. The Hollywood scene was an orgy of Shared needles. Of shared girlfriends and boyfriends. (…) It was the place where the members of Guns N ‘Roses lived our reckless lives. “

“Guys, we are drowning in alcohol”

One of the great attractions of the book is the story of the breakup of a band as big as Guns N Roses. So big that it exploded. Each had their problems. Each had a different personality. Especially Axl Rose.

The band ended up breaking down in 1994 and is considered one of the ones with the most projection, called to be one of the best if not the best in the world of rock. It became one, but it did not last long. The author tells of the unpleasant separation with words that will delight and, at the same time, fill readers with sadness:

“Where do I start? ‘Guys, we’re drowning in alcohol …” Okay, here comes Axl. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts. Everything turns black. I open my eyes and reflexively, I spit on the floor. What? I grab the vodka from the bedside table. I grope for the phone. Room service: ‘Ice.’

A necessary transformation

Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Duff experienced this very real topic in the first person. In fact, as he claims, he pushed it to the limit. A point of almost no return with overdose included that needed a radical change. He did it. And also returned to Guns N ‘Roses, of which he has been a member again since 2016. In addition, they may be close to releasing their first album in many years with three of the mainstays of the original line-up (Slash, Axl and Duff) after the release a few weeks ago of Absurd, his first unreleased song in 13 years.

With all these incentives, it should be emphasized again that It’s So Easy (and Other Lies), edited by Libros C├║pula, will be available from September 1. It has all the ingredients to be an essential piece for rock lovers.

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Duff McKagan, classic bassist of Guns N ‘Roses, launches his biography: “the heaven and hell of rock” | LOS40 Classic