Elvis Presley, el rey del Rock and Roll – Free Press Info

Elvis Presley, el rey del Rock and Roll – Free Press Info

Elvis Presley, better known as the king of rock, would have turned 86 in 2021. It has been 44 years since he was found face down, lying on the floor in his Graceland home. Although everything indicates that the artist died of an acute myocardial infarction at age 42, the death of Elvis Aaron Presley remains a mystery to many.

Elvis Aaron Presley, son of Vernon and Gladis Presley, was born in 1935, in the Tupelo region, Mississippi. His family suffered financial problems, but Elvis’s devotion to music made him a Rock and Roll icon. Elvis Presley was always a dreamer and an entrepreneur and not only did he dedicate himself to music, he was also an actor in some Hollywood movies.

His stay in the marginal neighborhoods made him get in touch with the black population, thus he learned to fuse various musical styles such as Blues, Jazz and Gospel music. At the age of 19 he recorded his first single with a guitar and a small amplifier, with the result of more than 20,000 copies in sales.

Elvis Presley, “el Rey del Rock and Roll”.

His charisma was palpable in every song and in every live performance, Elvis loved his audience and adored that the audience loved him. Although his first concert was a disaster, he had time to improve his staging with his pelvic movement. Some movements that many considered erotic and wild at the same time. Today, millions of people imitate the King of Rock around the world.

The music industries knew of his magnetism, and they saw him as a gold mine. He made his first foray into the cinema with the film Love Me Tender without much success. The acting career was short-lived because Elvis was required to enlist in the army in 1958 when the Korean War broke out. Upon his return, Elvis declared that he was able to use war tanks for a long time. Once settled in the United States, he had the opportunity to participate in more unsuccessful films in which he came out singing.

He met his first love in Germany, Priscilla, whom he married in 1967 and had their only daughter (Lisa Marie Presley). Priscila did not like Elvis’s romantic flirtations with other women, which led to their divorce in 1973. From that date on, Elvis’s attitude became more depressing, causing him an emotional meltdown from which he did not recover.

Hollywood actor and Rock and Roll singer.

When the Beatles came along, Elvis’s popularity waned a bit because his music seemed old-fashioned. This is how he decided to suspend the concerts he had planned to dedicate himself to the world of cinema. Until the Beatles announced their separation. He returned to the stage in 1968 with a great result, created a television program with a large audience, elvis special with which he earned the name of the King of Rock.

The millionaire contracts, the gold and platinum records did not stop arriving all over the world. The music business was doing very well and Elvis continued with the idea of ​​conquering New York, his concert at Madison Square Garden is considered the one that has sold the most copies with his recordings. This was how the change in the personality of the singer came that many appreciated, Elvis left his sideburns and dressed in a suit of lights, without forgetting his glasses.

His performances did not stop, the night concerts in Las Vegas attracted a large audience. But they took a toll on his health, so much so that Elvis had to resort to using pills to get to sleep. It is also said that the artist became addicted to various drugs that he combined with alcohol and medication. The deterioration of his health was evident, he was beginning to gain weight and forget about the lyrics in the live shows.

Elvis Presley’s last concert.

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Elvis Presley, el rey del Rock and Roll – Free Press Info