Johnny Depp vs. the maturity of Keanu Reeves, the lessons of two icons of masculinity | Celebrities, Vips

Johnny Depp vs.  the maturity of Keanu Reeves, the lessons of two icons of masculinity |  Celebrities, Vips

They are both the same age, practically. Johnny Depp, 57. Keanu Reeves, 56. The two made themselves known at the same time, at the end of the 80s, but they are always identified with the imaginary of the 90s, which they themselves helped to model, with their roles in Eduardo Mannostieras and Dracula by Bram Stoker. One had Tim Burton and the saga Pirates of the Caribbean, the other Speed and Matrix. The two were allowed to be both hyper-masculine and languid, alternative and commercial, star in blockbusters and have medium bands. grunge with which they could live their parallel dream of the grubby rocker. And yet both have come of age placed at opposite ends of the spectrum of fame. Depp had to leave the franchise of fantastic creatures last week at the request of Warner Brothers (he will still charge more than $ 10 million for the one scene he had shot), after losing his libel lawsuit with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who had called him a “female abuser.” In an interview. Reeves is shooting the fourth installment of Matrix with the Wachowski sisters and preparing parts 4 and 5 of John Wick. In addition, in the summer he resumed the role with which he became famous, that of the confused but adorable Ted in Bill and Ted face the music, the nostalgic movie that premiered on Amazon.

Beyond the work they have and the calls that reach their agents, the two actors live very different moments of public perception, with Depp turned into a sucker in the industry, much closer to doing a Kevin Spacey than a Mel Gibson, and Reeves running as the internet’s mature boyfriend, the boyfriend anyone would want for their divorced mother. To the point that half of the roles he accepts are self-parodic versions of that role that has been assigned to him, like the cameo he made in the Netflix romantic comedy Always be my maybe or his participation in the film of Between Two Ferns.

For years, Reeves was haunted by an image of a sad and lonely boy, cemented by the famous meme in which he was seen alone in a park and by what (relatively little) was known about his personal life, which has included some tragedies. . In the late 1990s, her then partner, actress Rachel Syme, gave birth to their daughter Ava, who was stillborn after eight months of gestation. Two years later, Syme herself passed away after stamping his car in a Los Angeles parking lot as he was leaving a Marilyn Manson concert. For more than a decade and a half, the media ignored Reeves’s love life, until a year ago it occurred to him to attend a party at LACMA, the Los Angeles museum of contemporary art, with a woman who appeared to be approximately her age and does not look like Emily Rajtakowski. In reality, visual artist Alexandra Grant is ten years younger than Reeves. Both had been dating for years and the reactions to their relationship served to test the extent to which it is assumed that a powerful man will always prefer to mate with a much younger woman. There’s Brad Pitt, for example, a contemporary of the two actors (he’s 56) who recently broke up with Nicole Posturalski, 27. Finding out that Reeves had a 46-year-old couple worried about not looking them (Green has gray hair) generated a Overreaction of euphoria that peppered Reeves himself, as if to congratulate him on not having a girlfriend who could be his daughter. On the other hand, comments were also read lamenting that Green could not “give a child” to Reeves.

Alexandra Grant y Keanu Reeves as a Saint Laurent girl. Photo: Getty

When Johnny Depp met Amber Heard they both fit the canonical model perfectly. expected in the entertainment industry. They rolled The rum diaries in 2011. He was 47 and had been famous for more than two decades, she 25 and a career just beginning. That had not been the tonic of the actor’s most famous relationships. When he dated Winona Ryder and Kate Moss in the 90s, they were both at least as well known as he was and while he was married to Vanessa Paradis, the couple lived in France, where she was and is a superstar.

Depp and Heard were married four years later, in 2015, and divorced in 2016. In the divorce complaint, she alleged mistreatment and requested a restraining order from the actor, who said he was constantly under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He did say through his representatives that what the actress was looking for was a “favorable financial solution” alleging abuse. A year later, they agreed to a diplomatic divorce. She withdrew her petition for a restraining order for gender violence and her request for $ 50,000 a month in pension and in return received $ 7 million, which she gave to various NGOs. Their representatives wrote them a joint statement in which they said: “Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile but always defined by love. Neither party has made false allegations for money. There was never any attempt at physical or emotional harm ”.

Amber Heard y Johnny Depp. Photo: Getty

It would be expected, and to a certain extent understandable, for Depp to be confused these days, like those men who had the #MeToo turned and did not understand it: but how? that nobody warned them? After all, many of the details that have become known since his separation with Heard are the quintessence of the johnnydeppism. When asked if he actually spent $ 30,000 a month on wine, he replied that it offended him, that it was actually much more. Wasn’t that the Johnny baudelairean that the public had been loving and tolerating ever since he became famous as a cop in 21 Jump Street, the tortured soul, the admirer and friend of Keith Richards, Marlon Brando and Hunter S. Thompson?

The photos that were leaked during the trial are the very definition of “too much information”, More information than we ever wanted about a celebrity marriage, including the famous image of a poop on a bed. According to Depp’s lawyers, it belonged to Heard, who left it there as a message for Depp. According to her lawyers, the dogs made it. Another photo, taken according to the camera at 1:37 p.m. on any given day, works as a still life of what the actor has represented in all his years of fame: a Keith Richards CD, four stripes of cocaine, a whiskey, a personalized drug box with two tibias and a skull and the legend “owned by JD” and, folded, the copy of the day of Los Angeles Times. The many photos that Heard contributed in which she was seen bleeding or bruised are very hard to see, of course, but so are the ones that belong to the supposedly romantic and passionate period of the relationship, like one that shows the mirror of the bathroom of both on a trip to Australia, in which the two had written captions with lipstick and he graffiti with his own blood “I love you.” For Depp, who was already in his late fifties, that was surely a gesture of desperate love, like when he got a tattoo of “Winona Forever”, and then he had to change it to “Wino forever” (always drunk).

After the hiatus of his 14-year marriage to Vanessa Paradis, Depp resumed the person that had inhabited during the nineties, one that Hadley Freeman defined in The Guardian as “a different kind of masculinity, desirable but gentle, masculine but feminine,” and took it to its evil extreme.

Although millennials Younger people and members of Gen Z never tire of romanticizing the imaginary of the 90s – Velvey, the author of the very popular Instagram account @velvetcoke keeps posting pictures of Johnny Depp and in the comments section the supporters always face of “justice for Johnny” with those who ugly that hang photos sexies of an abuser – it is impossible for current idols, either fuckboys O softboys, follow the model of the young Depp (before the hair dye, before it could legally be said that he is an abuser without writing “presumed” in front). As Freeman also points out, the sensitive boys of the 90s gave long and incoherent answers in the interviews and made it clear that this would also be the role of the girls who yearned for them: listening to their eternal spiel between Rimbaud’s poem and poem. His current counterparts, the Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles (yes, he sells a hypersexual image, but he also very much wants his audience to know that he is not a heterase) and Jacob Elordi, they look a lot more like Keanu Reeves than Johnny Depp. By the way, Reeves has completed the tongue-in-cheek review of his 1990s character and last year he apologized for “public forgiveness” for his band, which he said was pretty bad.

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Johnny Depp vs. the maturity of Keanu Reeves, the lessons of two icons of masculinity | Celebrities, Vips